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heidi is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Germany

heidi is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 940 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Heidi 21 hours ago:
Just wanted to put this out into the atmosphere. This will be the last stop on my upcoming… https://t.co/rgbD7i9Ijo
Heidi 2 days ago:
RT @AquasellaFest: Esta canadiense aunque formada en Europa, lleva más de 15 años evolucionando como así lo lleva haciendo la música de bai…
Heidi 2 days ago:
RT @SonarFestival: Hong Kong! Get ready for the jacking sounds of @djheidi, bringing her skills behind the decks to @Sonar_HongKong Mar 17.…
Heidi 3 days ago:
Windswept, sunburnt & happy. Vitamin D has sorted my ass right out. Batteries charged....ding 🤩… https://t.co/b4jFo70wxW
Heidi 3 days ago:
@carlcraignet Baby cuuuuuurl
Heidi 3 days ago:
After my debut performance at @SonarFestival in Barcelona last summer I’m beyond excited for the Hong Kong edition… https://t.co/73wu7KsE5o
Heidi 3 days ago:
RT @SunsiareHK: Immensely happy to announce I’ll be part of the @SonarFestival Hong Kong in March 2018. It’s still very hard for me to real…
Heidi 4 days ago:
@blucu I did this at least 5 times today. 🙄
Heidi 4 days ago:
@WazeOdyssey @thearchbrighton @alexvirgo_ Can’t wait to kick it with you duuuudes. 🙌🏼
Heidi 4 days ago:
RT @WazeOdyssey: pretty freaking excited about taking up residence in Brighton this year > our first party at @thearchbrighton features @dj…
Heidi 4 days ago:
Who needs a hairdryer??? just head to the tip of Africa where the 2 oceans meet & have your… https://t.co/lacnBUyuds
Heidi 4 days ago:
At the end of the Earth.....absolutely loving life....sunshine, ocean air & nature. A few keys… https://t.co/h1FGtL8yB4
Heidi 5 days ago:
Those who know will know! I’ve had a few bottles of wine and listened to this album again after… https://t.co/OfIqWuWtyG
Heidi 6 days ago:
Standing on the shoulder of giants...... 💪🏼 @ Clifton 3rd Beach https://t.co/DnXssJ0rw0
Heidi 6 days ago:
@blackmadonnachi Fuck yessssssss!
Heidi 6 days ago:
@pauliehamilton @artworkmagnetic @Adeledoublel And her drew Barrymore impression
Heidi 7 days ago:
@artworkmagnetic @Adeledoublel Seriously Arthur. I power watched every episode! I can’t with those two. Funniest sh… https://t.co/TI9IDluP5t
Heidi 1 week ago:
RT @WazeOdyssey: We're bringing @djhausUTTU @redrackem @alexvirgo_ to join us for our the debut @WOStreetTracks Series @thearchbrighton! Ea…
Heidi 1 week ago:
RT @BiIIMurray: If somebody’s presence does not add value to your life, then their absence should make no difference.
Heidi 1 week ago:
Remember this people. Variety is the spice of life & knowledge is the key.

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