Location:Berlin, 16, Germany
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heidi is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

heidi is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 940 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Heidi 15 hours ago:
@ellenallien I had the best time babes. 🙏 thanks for having me. ❤️
Heidi 17 hours ago:
One of the coolest ❤️ Unity ✋🏾✌🏻 @ Berlin, Germany https://t.co/qFAe99kxwF
Heidi 2 days ago:
Berlin calling?? Who's up for a rave in a garden by the spree today Oh dododaday 8-10pm.... ?see you there with thi… https://t.co/efhFNTfiKf
Heidi 3 days ago:
New book, getting some insight.... REAL TAWWWLK. @ Soho House Berlin https://t.co/i9RQLj5Vj7
Heidi 3 days ago:
@midlandsound My bad. Haven't had a coffee yet. Hahahaha
Heidi 3 days ago:
@midlandsound I'm in the hood babe. What time do you play
Heidi 3 days ago:
@yousefcircus @LaFeriaClub I love that club..... and that country. Viva Chile 🇨🇱
Heidi 3 days ago:
Go Arnie.... 🙌🏼 https://t.co/7zY1kvxW6c
Heidi 3 days ago:
@blackmadonnachi Girl. I had a spa day too. Holy shit it felt fabulous. My body was like a bag of bricks....
Heidi 4 days ago:
RT @ItsAllTechno: Thanks to @Mint_Festival we're giving away 2xtickets to enter follow, RT and Mention the kevin to your Perry😎 https://t.c…
Heidi 5 days ago:
RT @BlackAndWatky: @KneeDeepInSound arena at @Mint_Festival got a little more serious! Buzzing to be on this lineup and can't wait to party…
Heidi 5 days ago:
RT @mjcofficial: Playing b2b with one of my faves @djheidi 💕 at @ushuaiaibiza 🔥 https://t.co/YG7Pxqz2hk https://t.co/uAUwHcztZv
Heidi 5 days ago:
BEEEEERLIN... this Sunday. Let's jam... 👽 https://t.co/AaSIwOf3LO
Heidi 5 days ago:
This Sunday https://t.co/F6d5A1qEKD with ma girl @ellenallien . The weather is going to be great. Starts… https://t.co/nTTLnwy4pU
Heidi 6 days ago:
Does anyone know how the high five ✋ started?
Heidi 6 days ago:
You never know what to expect on a Tuesday night. This was next level fun.... szigetofficial… https://t.co/gRe5OBqADQ
Heidi 7 days ago:
Last night was an absolute belter with this gang. Nothing beats playing music with your… https://t.co/fNfqkJMYem
Heidi 7 days ago:
shaunjwright giving face @circolocoibiza last night......more dancers like this please 🙌🏼 @… https://t.co/sjKzAUF0n2
Heidi 1 week ago:
More Monday madness @circolocoibiza dc10ibizaofficial Playing another killer B2B w/ my girl… https://t.co/R14auYgBto
Heidi 1 week ago:
More Monday madness @circolocoibiza dc10ibizaofficial b2b w/ my girl Madame Madonna… https://t.co/D2j2CPX7y2

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