Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Swindon, N9, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom



faydz is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

faydz is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 2756 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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FAYDZ 14 hours ago:
@djgreenbins @blandystudio @DJSiFrater Really good cheers mate, hope you are too. If I don't see you before, will d… https://t.co/whSDKd00EC
FAYDZ 22 hours ago:
RT @JamesMcG15: I'm ditching all my Vinyl @Si2BadMice @djphantasy @DJFaydz @mark_archer @djmarkxtc @thisisliquid @RatpackUK @Slipmatt @Sla…
FAYDZ 22 hours ago:
RT @djgreenbins: Check out @DJFaydz new mix ! I’m absolutely buzzing that he’s used mine and @blandystudio’s remix of @DJSiFrater “Rejuvena…
FAYDZ 22 hours ago:
@djgreenbins @blandystudio @DJSiFrater Wicked track! Didn't expect anything less from you chaps! 😀
FAYDZ 4 days ago:
RT @glowkidmusic: RETROPOLIS ft FAYDZ - START THE PANIC! - OCTOTRAX (OCT025)- RELEASE 2/9/18 https://t.co/G1pD22y0p1
FAYDZ 4 days ago:
RT @BlappsRecords: Here’s a link for some new Blapps! music. Your support is greatly appreciated https://t.co/dmIMQhlwFC
FAYDZ 5 days ago:
@dawnsmif Thanks Dawn, that's great to hear! Chuffed you guys enjoyed it! 😀
FAYDZ 5 days ago:
@RetroRave2 Thank you! 😀
FAYDZ 6 days ago:
RT @djmarkxtc: 😁🎧😁 @NLA_Artists 😁🎧😁 https://t.co/S2arNQqTph
FAYDZ 6 days ago:
@Dods72 Will probably get it up there a bit later mate! :)
FAYDZ 6 days ago:
Here's a brand new mix for you guys, featuring recent tracks I've been playing over the Summer. Hope you like it an… https://t.co/2Y7ywLV7Wq
FAYDZ 6 days ago:
Brand new mix coming up for you guys later today 😀 https://t.co/0eFOplN7eC
FAYDZ 7 days ago:
@travlync76 Loads of 90s sounding tracks on it, think you'll like a few on there! 😀
FAYDZ 1 week ago:
Just been sorting some tunes for a brand new mix, more recent rave stuff that I've been playing over the Summer. Wi… https://t.co/c7j4dBIbey
FAYDZ 2 weeks ago:
RT @Si2BadMice: https://t.co/K3dXmvmi62 Tees now up for grabs..
FAYDZ 2 weeks ago:
@benjoshsmith1 Nice one Ben! 😀
FAYDZ 2 weeks ago:
@davidcommon1 Oi Oi! Big respect to you Dave the Rave! Keep rockin' the Old Skool mate! 😀
FAYDZ 2 weeks ago:
Another mix for the '92 Rave crew, just uploaded to Youtube, enjoy! 😀 https://t.co/FRwT8nAXb0 #oldskool #rave
FAYDZ 2 weeks ago:
@Gdizzle92 @RetroRave2 Really good cheers Graza, hope you are too mate
FAYDZ 2 weeks ago:
RT @RetroRave2: https://t.co/NBEGjsQUkF So we had 1992 yesterday and today we are full speed ahead with 220 tunes from 1991 in 9 minutes.…

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