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dr. kucho! is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

dr. kucho! is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 107 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Dr. Kucho! 4 weeks ago:
I just downloaded Asteravoids by Dr. Kucho! Games https://t.co/3uNQMyEQ8O #indiegames via @itchio
Dr. Kucho! 1 month ago:
I just made this game just for fun in a sort of 24h self-game-jam, go get it on @itchio for free. Ladies and gents,… https://t.co/fM027CuGjO
Dr. Kucho! 2 months ago:
if you know me you know i'm not the biggest fan of @Avicii 's music but at least all his success was because of HIS… https://t.co/YFoika954I
Dr. Kucho! 4 months ago:
@biohaxor Pasó de la música , ahora soy @DrKuchoGames 😂
Dr. Kucho! 5 months ago:
This poster is wrong there is an "R" missing... https://t.co/8SilWsCW00
Dr. Kucho! 6 months ago:
Have a nice weekend!!! #fullofenergy https://t.co/n1K1qkOZbY
Dr. Kucho! 7 months ago:
@DiegoGR_es a mi no me viste, fue a @DrKuchoGames 😂
Dr. Kucho! 7 months ago:
RT @RafaLagoon: Recordemos a Chiquito con el MOD de DOOM que reemplazaba los sonidos de los enemigos con frases suyas. DEP. https://t.co/sB…
Dr. Kucho! 8 months ago:
Interesantes artículos legales para músicos en esta web https://t.co/BE42Ast2Wr
Dr. Kucho! 10 months ago:
Son ... los dueños de la noche 😛 @ChambaoOficial https://t.co/At2IGPKhEc
Dr. Kucho! 10 months ago:
This Friday 25 I'm playing here #tashkent #uzbekistan https://t.co/uocL4gkRpc
Dr. Kucho! 10 months ago:
#DJs are considered stars for hitting a button, meanwhile police stop terrorists in #barcelona #cambrils these are the real #heroes
Dr. Kucho! 10 months ago:
#Barcelona #ramblas https://t.co/DRin8aN3SN
Dr. Kucho! 10 months ago:
#Barcelona #ramblas https://t.co/Z5cC59U0dI
Dr. Kucho! 10 months ago:
@KristianNairn hey, this is my brother doing @GameOfThrones turism, featuring a toy dragon 😂😂😂 https://t.co/3Vu6xiiLDm
Dr. Kucho! 11 months ago:
Ready for @UntoldFestival again (August 5), where I am meeting @KristianNairn!! @wizzair https://t.co/6GGRqWU4kN
Dr. Kucho! 11 months ago:
@djruru76 @Dj_Doublep coño si parece que le voy a pegar una tollina
Dr. Kucho! 12 months ago:
When it comes to #chocolate, my wife makes #mandala s https://t.co/PHsunjE329
Dr. Kucho! 1 year ago:
RT @DrKuchoGames: Celebrating the award i've got to the best video game 2017 by #3HMA @la_UPC #retrogaming #indiedev #gamedev #pixelart #an…
Dr. Kucho! 1 year ago:
UNTOLD AGAIN!! The place to be this summer https://t.co/0NJavqlzaZ

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