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derrick carter is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in United States

derrick carter is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 569 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Derrick Carter 29 minutes ago:
@jg_andy @CraigieG73 Elderflower version
Derrick Carter 30 minutes ago:
Most teachers live with enough guilt.
Derrick Carter 31 minutes ago:
@blackmadonnachi Cool. I’m already buying my ibuprofen + Codeine in bulk there.
Derrick Carter 33 minutes ago:
Derrick Carter 35 minutes ago:
@blackmadonnachi I haven’t. Yet...
Derrick Carter 36 minutes ago:
@CraigieG73 I live a duty free life.
Derrick Carter 38 minutes ago:
@CraigieG73 I’ll add it to the rest.
Derrick Carter 43 minutes ago:
I’ll be honest, it’s not just Scotland.
Derrick Carter 48 minutes ago:
Shit. Imma be 50 next year. Can we get some joint relief and Tramadol thrown in as well?
Derrick Carter 53 minutes ago:
In the words of my father, Henry Carter, “Beer is a waste of time. Where’s the whiskey?”
Derrick Carter 56 minutes ago:
4. ...does it come out of the millions of dollars of missing money that already doesn’t exist? I’m really trying to…
Derrick Carter 58 minutes ago:
3. supply their own a lot of the time. NOW we have a “leader” trying to get teachers to cover the costs of wh…
Derrick Carter 1 hour ago:
2. ...because I didn’t have the cool Trapper Keeper or Ghostbuster lunch box. My mom told me it was because she was…
Derrick Carter 1 hour ago:
1. Real talk: My mom was a CPS teacher for about 40 years. Every year when we’d go “Back 2 School” shopping, we’d A…
Derrick Carter 1 hour ago:
@Sasspurrella Not within the furst hour. Like damn.
Derrick Carter 2 hours ago:
Umm...I’m still from Chicago.
Derrick Carter 2 hours ago:
@B1G_BAZ Also on purpose. You see, I play flexi with the rules of diction and semantics.
Derrick Carter 2 hours ago:
@mattroan There were a few rough moments in her early teens, but she found her way and has now cured two forms of autoimmune disorders.
Derrick Carter 2 hours ago:
@djheidi I’m sure she was a doctor by the time that flight landed.
Derrick Carter 2 hours ago:
@djheidi ❤️

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