Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Turku, Finland
    Date of birth:1975-07-17
952 official dj-rankings.com




darude is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Finland

darude is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 952 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

darude is 42 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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Darude 5 hours ago:
@MixedInKey For the time being not buying Captain Plugins due to the online requirement. I make most of my initial… https://t.co/IanVi6CoKM
Darude 6 hours ago:
@AudioLock Me neither, put the phone down, NOW! :)
Darude 8 hours ago:
@andreasviklund @beatport No.
Darude 8 hours ago:
Thanks for playing my new one Woody! https://t.co/uqoskKml7v
Darude 10 hours ago:
@AudioLock @beatport @KingsOfSpins Eddie, did you come across this new one already? https://t.co/45QrrKeaFj
Darude 19 hours ago:
RT @choonhq: Congratulations @reverseengineer with today's number one! Great song 👍👍👍 Full chart 👇 https://t.co/e9FhuZJjxN https://t.co/uV…
Darude 1 day ago:
RT @choonhq: Choon co-founder @bjornniclas talks combining centralised and decentralised tech for fairer music streaming 👇 Thanks @crypto…
Darude 2 days ago:
@SasukeSax @FOUXYLLOH What, the talented lady sang on my track, I certainly check out her social media here & there! :)
Darude 2 days ago:
@FOUXYLLOH You calling me a bitch?
Darude 2 days ago:
Yup. https://t.co/4b2f7jr3TH
Darude 2 days ago:
@DJmag Not in Phoenix, but in Helsinki, Finland, I think 1996, but might’ve been 1997.
Darude 2 days ago:
RT @choonhq: Looking for some new music? Here’s a great staff pick from our co-founder @pents90 👍 @TheatreOfDelays - ‘Cosmic Blaze’ 🎶 Lis…
Darude 2 days ago:
@LianneJanssen @AshWallbridge ...and @IAMKarraMusic, then there’s this... ;)
Darude 2 days ago:
All y’all check this preview out and go grab your copy of my boy @AshWallbridge & @NashMakesMusic’s collab tomorrow… https://t.co/3sJ9skGyRM
Darude 2 days ago:
@IAMKarraMusic Hey, I’d love to tell you it gets easier, but no, after soon 25 years of making music it’s the same… https://t.co/JTBe9kRP3Q
Darude 2 days ago:
@morganpage @NoahNeiman You probs got 5 while typing your tweet...
Darude 3 days ago:
@Funkagenda Oh matey, he does, he DOES! And does it right back! Ours in return takes care of my grooming... 😂 https://t.co/0kqWNQwCoP
Darude 3 days ago:
@juska Do you even collab, bro? Meet me in the middle? Spring or fall? 😉
Darude 3 days ago:
@juska 😂
Darude 3 days ago:
Me: #lovingsummer! @juska: #waitingfornuclearwinter 😂 https://t.co/GMBvjl7C6d

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