Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Turku, Finland
    Date of birth:1975-07-17
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darude has a many loyal fans in his home country

darude is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 952 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

darude is 42 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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Darude 16 minutes ago:
...the rest of the world is. Some other OS features that I'd like to use as well, but the main thing for me is that… https://t.co/KGECdzbQBw
Darude 16 minutes ago:
...Beat Jump, but it's NOT the same as dedicated buttons. 5 years of muscle memory and you move the CUE where PLAY… https://t.co/sjRG6RztlQ
Darude 16 minutes ago:
I'm sorry @Traktor @NI_News, I love your stuff and I know things change, stuff gets updated etc, but I'm not fond o… https://t.co/ff4Jt1OlcF
Darude 33 minutes ago:
RT @Twann0: The legendary "Café Del Mar" by Energy 52 turns 25 this year! In this week's @muzikxpress vlog I tell you more about this trac…
Darude 9 hours ago:
RT @tampaedm: TBT to @Darudevil's legendary performance at Ritz last year! We can't wait to do it all over again on April 14th! Free Guest…
Darude 19 hours ago:
RT @Peppepappa: Since love multiplies when shared, the track I made for @remedygames demo is now freely downloadable. Share the love. Make…
Darude 19 hours ago:
@Davilone @WavesAudioLtd Yup, and I hope added features in later updates is a thing Waves will do more in the future! :)
Darude 1 day ago:
RT @genelecusa: Find us at Music Expo Miami 2018 with Prism Sound on March 24th for "The Audio Chain and Getting the Most from What You Hav…
Darude 1 day ago:
@robinalm @WavesAudioLtd He’s never ghosted for me.
Darude 1 day ago:
RT @StereoLiveDFW: .@Darudevil joins us on April 28th! Have you gotten your tickets yet?! Get them here - https://t.co/1VzEMS9pVq https://…
Darude 1 day ago:
@flakkers88 @CorbynistaEdith No, not concerned. Why would it be? :D ;) 🌪️
Darude 1 day ago:
RT @NightCultureDFW: .@Darudevil returns to @StereoLiveDFW on April 28th! Don't miss out, this show will sell out! Get your tickets here…
Darude 2 days ago:
RT @TomFallMusic: My brand new track ’Divergent’ is out and making some cool waves atm! Get your copy or listen… https://t.co/NzGkhrGwOJ
Darude 2 days ago:
I'm very proud I'm now a part of @WavesAudioLtd artist & producer family! I've used their audio processing & effect… https://t.co/vKbLPIsBrE
Darude 2 days ago:
@DJmag @ericprydz @faithless Not that I don't appreciate the time, effort & skill put into that, but... but... wher… https://t.co/cWgPwHwHgG
Darude 2 days ago:
@Traktor So is this for real, Kontrol X1 mk1 won't work with High Sierra anymore??? However much the touch strip of… https://t.co/s86rPILCnm
Darude 3 days ago:
@henryfong @TheFPIA THEN it’s no wonder profits and artist payable might seem a bit thin... The contract tries I’ve… https://t.co/fS9tWNVO2d
Darude 3 days ago:
@henryfong @TheFPIA It’s true, promo costs €$£, but then again, if the promo costs happen to be all paid inside the… https://t.co/TPsH2NLxjT
Darude 3 days ago:
:( https://t.co/tIQzB3fob4
Darude 3 days ago:
RT @splice: Make incredible kicks with @d16group's Punchbox, the kick drum generator that uses both samples and synthesis to get you big bo…

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