Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Turku, Finland
    Date of birth:1975-07-17
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darude is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

darude is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 952 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

darude is 42 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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Darude 9 hours ago:
@MyonMuzik @united Sorry to hear about that! How was your Calgary? I had a good time on Friday.
Darude 18 hours ago:
So THAT's where the development efforts are now focused, figures! (Just kidding, 10.3.2 is NICE!) cc: @paavo_s… https://t.co/iTaytiuwWh
Darude 20 hours ago:
Coffee & people watching before tonight's show @djais @ Times Square, New York City https://t.co/RkxWc8v6us
Darude 2 days ago:
Saturday night studio session w/ @funkagenda https://t.co/gtTGFZfWIP
Darude 2 days ago:
Always an amazing time in Canada, thank you Calgary hope to see you soon! 🇨🇦✌🏼 @ Calgary, Alberta https://t.co/FV7FR82RHf
Darude 3 days ago:
@almacyber Moi! Saako Almaan tai edustukseen tätä kautta koodia? Can I reach Alma or team here?
Darude 3 days ago:
RT @SleepingGiant: Today at Marquee Beer Market Stage see @Darudevil. #Calgary For more information: https://t.co/42UYuxlN39 #electronic #…
Darude 3 days ago:
@Funkagenda, imma be in your neck of woods tomorrow, shall we sit down, contemplate life and make some music while at it?
Darude 3 days ago:
See you tonight @marqueeyyc!! @ YYC Calgary International Airport https://t.co/6g9AO8vnwb
Darude 3 days ago:
At KLM lounge at AMS I see a lady with an HP laptop with an Apple logo sticker over the HP logo, but hey, whatever works!
Darude 3 days ago:
@HARDWELL, if you just felt a long awkward stare at Schiphol, it was me... Was gonna say hi or "do you even collab bro", but in a rush
Darude 4 days ago:
Can't wait to "Sunday Funday" this Sunday with my east coast family at djais_ Belmar!! https://t.co/F5TUkp7KSA
Darude 4 days ago:
Exactly. https://t.co/omvSApbk7y
Darude 5 days ago:
:D https://t.co/wiHa5bGtDM
Darude 5 days ago:
RT @enya_angel: Life complete. My collab with @Darudevil and @zac__waters comes out July 31st on… https://t.co/c16Pvfd41u
Darude 5 days ago:
RT @AshWallbridge: Darude selfie 🤳 @Darudevil 😉 can't wait show u our new collab 🔥 https://t.co/0mAP3Zm7Mn
Darude 5 days ago:
@7Skies @YouTube I can not fathom why there is simply no 'repitch' and updating waveforms. I still love Logic, but this shit baffles me.
Darude 5 days ago:
BOOOM! https://t.co/efpDm0BSu2
Darude 5 days ago:
My collab w @zac__waters feat. @enya_angel comes out July 31st on bournerecordings! https://t.co/f1hRf3so2S
Darude 6 days ago:
YES!!! Logic Pro 10.3.2 https://t.co/BQNyPMX45d

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