Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Turku, Finland
    Date of birth:1975-07-17
952 official dj-rankings.com




darude is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Finland

darude is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 952 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

darude is 42 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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Darude 12 hours ago:
@MaxGraham I know, got a rMBP and have worked with some “bigger” setups. Can’t wait! (Though now waiting to see wha… https://t.co/0TbbHzZZEv
Darude 15 hours ago:
@MaxGraham I’m planning on similar, 21:9, when I upgrade my system sometime in the not-too-far future. 30” ACD has… https://t.co/wcWxl2MfZT
Darude 17 hours ago:
@KorgUSA @Peppepappa Saw this?
Darude 1 day ago:
@LaidbackLuke @MykoVu @TheOhSoPro ...aaaand I wouldn’t say it’s overrated ;)
Darude 1 day ago:
@LaidbackLuke @MykoVu @TheOhSoPro Depends heavily on mixing style. If you DON’T mix harmonically, which is totally… https://t.co/YyxzbNRzMw
Darude 1 day ago:
@Mixmag Nah, don't look back in anger. It just tells a thing or two about Mr. Gallagher.
Darude 1 day ago:
RT @ClubGlow: #TranceFam! Only 2 more days till @Darudevil makes his long-awaited return to @soundcheckdc! 🎟: https://t.co/9xj0H6lu3i http…
Darude 2 days ago:
@LaidbackLuke @DjNarkatta Indeed! No shame in my preset game! While def not a sound design master, I know my way ar… https://t.co/EEs3Og4DQP
Darude 2 days ago:
@DjNarkatta @LaidbackLuke @jtimberlake Almost every hit song with synths from 80’s and 90’s have pretty much ‘as is… https://t.co/bcWdBujNyj
Darude 2 days ago:
RT @VICE: We take a deep dive into "Sandstorm" with the man who wrote it, Ville Virtanen, AKA @Darudevil. https://t.co/a6sGgqePE6
Darude 3 days ago:
@steve_duda Do. It.
Darude 3 days ago:
RT @ClubGlow: .@Darudevil is inviting a couple lucky fans to hang with him during his soundcheck before the show! Enter by liking this vid…
Darude 3 days ago:
@HARDWELL Fellow Logic user, collab? Studio looks sweet, btw!
Darude 3 days ago:
RT @RedPandaMU: In ‘The Story Of’, @VICE explores the story behind some of the most iconic #electronic #dance music songs ever created. VIC…
Darude 3 days ago:
RT @TeemuSel8nne: Wow, I never thought the day would come, when a Finnish basketball player breaks an NBA record. Quickest 100 3-pointers i…
Darude 4 days ago:
Win an exclusive Darude X Undone watch designed by myself! Re-post this image, make sure you are following me and… https://t.co/a83wAhR6Vx
Darude 4 days ago:
@tommiesunshine Now, I totally get what you’re saying and I do not mean this about your art, but IMO there’s a diff… https://t.co/CdeIDdlJSS
Darude 4 days ago:
RT @ClubGlow: #TranceFam! Come "Feel The Beat" when @Darudevil returns to @soundcheckdc this Friday! Tickets: https://t.co/9xj0H6lu3i http…
Darude 5 days ago:
:D Now go get it! https://t.co/JwbsN9LV7O
Darude 5 days ago:
@kiloHearts @killthenoise :D

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