Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Turku, Finland
    Date of birth:1975-07-17
951 official dj-rankings.com




darude is a highly acknowledged DJ and considered among the best in Finland

darude is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 951 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

darude is 43 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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Darude 13 hours ago:
@Peppepappa I’d use at least 16 velocity layers, too, if I were you!
Darude 1 day ago:
#mastersdone #videosdone #weekendoff #juniorhockey #lifesgood #trance #house #dubbreakwhatstep #edm #collaboration… https://t.co/VmYTZPOquN
Darude 2 days ago:
@KrisONeil @jonogrant https://t.co/CglgAzS8fQ 😬
Darude 5 days ago:
@AntaresAudio How do I make Logic use the latest automatically, not the older plugin, and if that's not possible, a… https://t.co/Lv9ypEG04p
Darude 5 days ago:
@AntaresAudio Are AutoTune 8.0.3 and 8.1.8 both supposed to be in my system? If so, why didn't AT818 not just repla… https://t.co/cGsxObsNWg
Darude 5 days ago:
@Jajatala @unicef_fi “Don’t care, didn’t read.” Ei oikein voi ottaa a) henkilökohtaisesti b) tosissaan henkilöä, jo… https://t.co/Uw4Y8BNWtt
Darude 6 days ago:
#couchproducer #beautifulpeople #lookaway #mixing #mastering #darudeadventure #samoillasilmillä #samoillakorvilla… https://t.co/STk13CXWvo
Darude 1 week ago:
Darude 1 week ago:
@Celemony Yeah, I have. Back to non-ARA time. Feels like stone age.
Darude 1 week ago:
@Jajatala @unicef_fi Toistan: Kommentoit, vaikket lukenut, osoittaa jotain. Otsikko ei ole harhaanjohtava, ainoasta… https://t.co/Bi5eeYDJbO
Darude 1 week ago:
@tyDi Damn, was really looking forward to that 70's style adult film slap bass...
Darude 1 week ago:
@skelothan @AppleSupport @Celemony NP. Have to say, seems like I'm quite alone with this, so your mileage might vary.
Darude 1 week ago:
Just got this when I first saved (I think successfully), then quit Logic: https://t.co/bB39uyBT6X
Darude 1 week ago:
@Peppepappa @AppleSupport @Celemony Here, too, even when I would be closing the earlier project anyway, but Logic/M… https://t.co/TCmjm2MJq4
Darude 1 week ago:
@kiloHearts 1) Logic has autosave 2) I DO save, but opening an earlier project file version (or the now "fixed" aut… https://t.co/3ahGcevCg4
Darude 1 week ago:
Ironically the LPX update addresses the autosave function. Not all that well, if you ask me. GRHHHHHHHHHH!
Darude 1 week ago:
... proceeded to re-edit, then 30 minutes in another freeze, had to force quit (after 5 minutes of hung note, tried… https://t.co/SDK8KvabGf
Darude 1 week ago:
Anyone updating to @AppleSupport Logic Pro 10.4.4 and/or @Celemony Melodyne 4.2.1 and using ARA, I'd recommend not… https://t.co/qwU61NnBr6
Darude 1 week ago:
@Jajatala @unicef_fi Et siis lukenut juttua, mutta kommentoit. 👍
Darude 1 week ago:
@macosaudio Well, 10.4.4 here and for some reason Logic froze on <command+s> and I had to force quite and now about… https://t.co/Jb3H6LZaQJ

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