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colette is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

colette is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 3912 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Colette 10 hours ago:
RT @neiltyson: The divided United States of America will unite today, sharing a cosmic event predicted by the methods and tools of science.…
Colette 11 hours ago:
big hugs to everyone playing & charting BUTTERFLIES on @traxsource! we're holding steady at #8 on the Jackin' chart…
Colette 13 hours ago:
RT @candytalk_rcrds: Butterflies by @djcolette @iheartgetto @timkv just hit #8 on the @Traxsource Jackin' chart! 😊🎉
Colette 15 hours ago:
I had the best time playing tunes at the wedding reception for my friends Jason and Chris. It…
Colette 17 hours ago:
Just Announced: Ottawa, Canada - Sep 8 at Mercury Lounge
Colette 20 hours ago:
ready for the eclipse like what... 😎
Colette 1 day ago:
RT @MildredVon: Cathay Williams: born a slave, she dressed as a man so she could serve in the US Army during the Civil War. There's your n…
Colette 2 days ago:
RT @ILLUMlNATI: Of course it's hard. It's supposed to be hard. If it was easy, everyone would do it. Hard is what makes it great.
Colette 2 days ago:
Why you shouldn't take a selfie during the solar eclipse 🌒
Colette 2 days ago:
RT @djheather: #TwoWeeks #Superjane #SuperAnniversary @SmartBar @djcolette @djheather @djladyd @dayhota #Chicago
Colette 3 days ago:
Today: St Louis, MO - Aug 19 at Just John
Colette 3 days ago:
@ctbaroness thanks! 😊
Colette 3 days ago:
@darientechnos thank ya, sweets! 😊
Colette 3 days ago:
slightly delirious at Denver airport, but happy to see that Butterflies is #10 on the @Traxsource Jackin' chart. 🤓🎉
Colette 3 days ago:
@larsthegreen1 I'm playing from 6-830pm 😊
Colette 3 days ago:
gettin' ready for my 6am flight like...
Colette 4 days ago:
@TheBoogieFirm awwww, thanks y'all! 😘
Colette 4 days ago:
RT @TheBoogieFirm: #BoogieCertified: @DJColette has #NewMusic that's giving us #Butterflies!! #DontSleep 👏🔥
Colette 4 days ago:
RT @candytalk_rcrds: BUTTERFLIES by @djcolette @timkv & @iheartgetto out today on @traxsource!
Colette 4 days ago:
@_williamjohn_ if it were up to me I'd be out there! 😊

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