Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
    Date of birth:1987-10-20
19 official




borgore is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

borgore is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 19 on the official DJ rankings list (

borgore is 30 years old, and his zodiac is Libra.

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Borgore 28 minutes ago:
Borgore 2 hours ago:
RT @ayejayy_xo: I went live on Facebook tonight and when @Borgore said “who hates using condoms make some noise” my dad put a 😘 on the post…
Borgore 2 hours ago:
RT @Adrian_Guez: Dolphin attack, Elefante, Unicorn zombie, space kitten next ? @Borgore 😂
Borgore 2 hours ago:
@Jauzofficial love u ❤️
Borgore 2 hours ago:
@tinycutedolbaeb @Complex @ComplexMusic @djcarnage @gucci1017 tomorrow!
Borgore 3 hours ago:
thank you for the premiere @Complex @ComplexMusic !!! yall can hear my new one MOP w THIRTY RACK @djcarnage n…
Borgore 3 hours ago:
@djcarnage ❤️
Borgore 3 hours ago:
RT @ComplexMusic: Premiere ⚡️ @Borgore recruits @gucci1017 and THIRTY RACK (@djcarnage) for new banger "MOP." htt…
Borgore 22 hours ago:
RT @Borgore: Safety first
Borgore 22 hours ago:
Yall my brand new show #TheBestShowOnTheRadio is starting TONIGHT on @InsomniacRadio @SIRIUSXM at 7pm PT / 10pm ET.…
Borgore 1 day ago:
Safety first
Borgore 2 days ago:
Today is the Jewish day of atonement , I want to apologize to anyone Ive hurt this year and hope next year going to…
Borgore 2 days ago:
i love him
Borgore 3 days ago:
MOP is out this Friday yall 🤘🏻 @djcarnage @gucci1017 Pre save it now!!!
Borgore 5 days ago:
@SumerianRecords @benjaminbruce I’m down
Borgore 5 days ago:
Hey @Nike I literally put these on nothing out of the ordinary I love them too much can’t find them anywhere help.
Borgore 5 days ago:
AUSTIN TONIGHT !!! Y’all ready?!? @ggmagree @BendaMusic 🤘🏻 @emosaustin
Borgore 1 week ago:
RT @Borgore: facebook: here’s a memory! me: no. no thank you
Borgore 1 week ago:
Me:  Girl on twitter: that’s exactly what a Libra would say
Borgore 1 week ago:
facebook: here’s a memory! me: no. no thank you

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