Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
    Date of birth:1987-10-20
20 official




borgore is recognized with a solid position in the DJ community

borgore is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 20 on the official DJ rankings list (

borgore is 30 years old, and his zodiac is Libra.

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Daddy 1 hour ago:
. @GetterOfficial helping me recycle my empty bottles.
Daddy 7 hours ago:
RT @Borgore: Thank u @EDC_LasVegas 🙏🏼 ❤️ u @Jauzofficial
Daddy 7 hours ago:
RT @LennonCihak: My interview with @Borgore went live on @magnetic_mag earlier this morning. We talked about cars, puppies, and Borgore's j…
Daddy 7 hours ago:
Thank u @EDC_LasVegas 🙏🏼 ❤️ u @Jauzofficial
Daddy 23 hours ago:
RT @Borgore: 🤦🏻‍♂️
Daddy 1 day ago:
Daddy 2 days ago:
Just out here trying to find some boneless pizza
Daddy 2 days ago:
RT @OrlandoIsJuice: I don’t want to get out my car right now to pregame for day 2. @Borgore set on the radio is sidetracking the hell out o…
Daddy 3 days ago:
Here’s a meme
Daddy 4 days ago:
RT @Buygore: Whats up Las Vegas 🔥🔥 Who we seeing tonight at @Bassrush Massive?
Daddy 5 days ago:
im ready for @EDC_LasVegas already 😍 who's all going?
Daddy 6 days ago:
Miss my parents kitchen can't wait to be back home in the summer
Daddy 6 days ago:
DC we're coming 🔥 Tix on sale 11am ET Thursday
Daddy 6 days ago:
New Vlog from my Jazz night 🤘🏼
Daddy 6 days ago:
RT @snailmusic: FLORIDA!! About to drop the filthiest set with my brother @Borgore!! 🐲🤘
Daddy 6 days ago:
Last week I played Palladium, Space Yacht throwback set and a live Jazz show. Now its time for @EDC_LasVegas 😬🤘🏼
Daddy 1 week ago:
RT @Borgore: omg
Daddy 1 week ago:
Daddy 1 week ago:
RT @m1keZ: If @Borgore were to steal my girl I wouldn't even mind, I'd be like "understandable ma'am, have a nice day"
Daddy 1 week ago:
@Jackeymooon @Promnitetracks @Bo_Me_Yooo All good dude we don’t all have to agree especially in music

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