Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
    Date of birth:1980-09-07
508 official




arnej is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

arnej is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 508 on the official DJ rankings list (

arnej is 38 years old, and his zodiac is Virgo.

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Arnej 3 weeks ago:
Probably gonna be too drunk to do this later, but happy new year everyone!
Arnej 4 weeks ago:
@BennoDeGoeij What are you servicing?
Arnej 1 month ago:
@Junkie_XL Thank you Tom, you really have no reason to be doing these at this point in your career, but it’s extrem…
Arnej 1 month ago:
@Liquid_ibiza @LiquidJeemzz The circles took a while to get used to but then it absolutely felt good, didn’t feel a…
Arnej 1 month ago:
@PUBG @PLAYERUNKNOWN jumping/bunny hopping doesn’t leave footsteps in the snow
Arnej 1 month ago:
@Liquid_ibiza Watched some of the games, good effort, got caught in some bad rotations but finished stronger towards the end
Arnej 1 month ago:
@GabrielNDresden @cosmicgate @aboveandbeyond much respect boys!!! Well earned 👌
Arnej 2 months ago:
@FerryCorsten happy bday moonman!!!
Arnej 2 months ago:
@TrancePodium @Twann0 @muzikxpress @richsolarstone @ILikeItPure What if I were to guess which synth you used for the guitar? :)
Arnej 2 months ago:
@grummmusic see you in a few champ
Arnej 2 months ago:
Make sure you grab your copy!
Arnej 2 months ago:
@orjan_nilsen @AirwalkVenlo @FishrmanHawkins @Nifra @FerryCorsten My favourite DJ is the one in black
Arnej 2 months ago:
@Liquid_ibiza Hard to say man, a few games felt really good and a few was desync central
Arnej 2 months ago:
@Hawkinz Does this also fix the bug with jumping, where the player moves further than he should in a glitch like teleport motion?
Arnej 3 months ago:
@RakanMallak I think they’re different beats but would love to get my hands on that bad boy, but it’s rather pricey
Arnej 3 months ago:
Just bought an Alesis Andromeda, wow what a beastly synth!
Arnej 3 months ago:
@BolierMusic @BlakeJarrell Nahhh, but high tempo techno was fat
Arnej 3 months ago:
@BolierMusic The era when techno wasn’t low bpm!
Arnej 3 months ago:
Techno is moving away from low 120s bpm and towards 130s, does it remind you of anything, or should I say any time?
Arnej 3 months ago:
@djmauricewest Happy bday young blood!

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