Genre:Progressive House
    Location:Las Vegas, NV, United States
327 official dj-rankings.com

United States



3lau is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

3lau is performing within the field of Progressive House music and is ranked 327 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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23 minutes ago:
@imaznation Lol
11 hours ago:
The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is.
23 hours ago:
@VatchEzyy @Bitstamp 3 weeks since ur transfer?
1 day ago:
@TheYologator Yea i’m a bit irritated cause my shit usually hits next day and now i have $$$ in limbo
1 day ago:
@Bitstamp Thank you, trying to up my volume x10 but can’t do that until I ensure deposit safety.
1 day ago:
RT @bjameson50: 100% of the profits from @3LAU new album will be donated to @letsfcancer. Support his cause and help save a life. Thank you…
2 days ago:
@recklessdj96 @chancetherapper ur too kind
2 days ago:
@Bitstamp waiting for deposit to hit. All other deposits I've made have hit immediately. Can you assist? My user name is: wppe1969
2 days ago:
RT @letsfcancer: Hi FCancer community! We are so so excited to announce that the wonderful @3lau is releasing his… https://t.co/fqTGV8Gc4W
2 days ago:
My 1st album - ULTRAVIOLET - is dropping FEB 16 & I'm throwing the official release party in Atlanta at… https://t.co/ZhVPQRFVjD
2 days ago:
@JordiZandhuis I messed up! This is the new link: https://t.co/RxqgDAwbrG
3 days ago:
RT @VitalikButerin: Good news: we just surpassed 10 tx/sec for an entire day yesterday. https://t.co/axOWBAvO1x https://t.co/xQBA2s1XOh
3 days ago:
@CryptoHedge_ Funny part ab this is, my fiat-crypto account is with JPmorgan 😅
4 days ago:
@ddeeeejj O yes
4 days ago:
RT @billboarddance: .@3LAU pens handy guide to cryptocurrency. https://t.co/XPV1YhHUhW https://t.co/3PPiBpZmlL
4 days ago:
@CatFleming3 Plz come to my tour :)
4 days ago:
RT @elonmusk: 35,000
5 days ago:
@leyde_monte it's not out yet! on my album coming next year :)
5 days ago:
@DeniseBarnum2 @SatoshiLite Me? Big boys don’t tweet market opinions on their own companies because it’s not legal.
5 days ago:
@_mikebirmingham @CryptoHedge_ @vertbase @UCFKEV

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