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    Location:London, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom



yousef is an experienced DJ who is aspiring to take on the global DJ scene

yousef is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 824 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Yousef 6 hours ago:
Who is this Harry Monroe character...?! @kicreighton https://t.co/Z7biftc82C
Yousef 8 hours ago:
RT @BBCLondonNews: Imagine coming home from school to find Stormzy decorating your bedroom. That’s what happened to 15-year-old Ishae. 😂🖌️🎤…
Yousef 22 hours ago:
RT @AlexKennon: Jumped on the airwaves for @CircusRecording 's podcast, putting together a little mix featuring tracks from @cometobutch, @…
Yousef 22 hours ago:
@MasonMaynard Brilliant! 😂♥️
Yousef 22 hours ago:
@MasonMaynard Literally made my day! ♥️♥️♥️
Yousef 23 hours ago:
🌑👏🏽♥️ https://t.co/J7zC2prni8
Yousef 1 day ago:
@futureselfhouse @nightmaresonwax @SimonDunmore It’s a creative initiative to connect music globally to youth in a… https://t.co/ygUoHVFSCJ
Yousef 1 day ago:
On sale now! https://t.co/iPsq55X8L4 ♥️💥✌🏽 https://t.co/ie7zPHZ2Nr
Yousef 1 day ago:
RT @LeahLawlessx: Cancun bby🥳🥳🥳🥳
Yousef 1 day ago:
RT @liamharris1997: Circus Cancun reserved there happy days!
Yousef 1 day ago:
RT @AmberLarkinX: Circus in cancun boxed 🤪🕺🏽
Yousef 1 day ago:
@SimonDunmore @futureselfhouse I hear you. Nothing ventured nothing gained... always good to explore ✌🏽 https://t.co/9ceLMpvg4E
Yousef 1 day ago:
RT @CIRCUSmusic: CIRCUS Takes Cancun 🇲🇽 If you have signed up you will have received a link to join the queue for tickets ahead of on sal…
Yousef 1 day ago:
@futureselfhouse @SimonDunmore Can’t see the fuss myself. Playing underground new music to a new generation.
Yousef 1 day ago:
@SimonDunmore It’s literally just a bit of streaming fun. Its not a real gig.
Yousef 2 days ago:
@nightmaresonwax Would love it mate. Need to tread carefully until work opens up again! But it’s the one! X
Yousef 2 days ago:
RT @CIRCUSmusic: CIRCUS Takes Cancun 🇲🇽 11th - 18th April 🌞 ON SALE MIDDAY TOMORROW! Final chance to sign up - https://t.co/u03tkGShV4 ht…
Yousef 2 days ago:
@nightmaresonwax That’s the mixer I want. So good.
Yousef 2 days ago:
RT @Keir_Starmer: Shameful of Boris Johnson to try to blame others for his government's failures. https://t.co/mdl2BLPGeH
Yousef 2 days ago:
RT @CircusRecording: Following on from his remix of @yousefcircus ‘s Riches to Rags we asked @alex_kennon to put together an hours DJ Set f…

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