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    Genre:Electro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
    Location:Montreal, QC, Canada
57 official dj-rankings.com




a-trak is recognized with a solid position in the DJ community

a-trak is performing within the field of Electro House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco music and is ranked 57 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Knowledge Of Selfie 10 minutes ago:
@KINGS0L0M0N Stillmatic
Knowledge Of Selfie 10 minutes ago:
This is why people run for president nowadays. https://t.co/qLv2K0AToy
Knowledge Of Selfie 11 minutes ago:
RT @FoolsGoldRecs: FG x @stance, get to steppin 👣 https://t.co/KcWm79IPF4 https://t.co/gUg4dZosNZ
Knowledge Of Selfie 12 minutes ago:
@craigjwilliams @yehme2 Damn 😢
Knowledge Of Selfie 15 minutes ago:
@Young_IGG Oh yeah all this was about everything but producing & djing. I don’t make music on the iPad.
Knowledge Of Selfie 24 minutes ago:
...I’m telling you, going back to a laptop and like.. opening it and waiting for shit to wake up is sooo weird once… https://t.co/us4Tlzb5l6
Knowledge Of Selfie 25 minutes ago:
...also there’s no WhatsApp on iPad, which is really weird. I even have WhatsApp on my laptops so this makes no sen… https://t.co/vHbX3eUW8H
Knowledge Of Selfie 26 minutes ago:
A few more thoughts on iPad cool dad life since a bunch of friends asked after those tweets.. Some stuff that is L… https://t.co/4l2Lt8upIp
Knowledge Of Selfie 45 minutes ago:
Let’s do thisssss 🎶🎶 https://t.co/IgetTCpAPn
Knowledge Of Selfie 1 hour ago:
Happy birthday to an amazing dj and an inspiring human @CosmoBaker ✊🏼
Knowledge Of Selfie 9 hours ago:
There’s really no reason for an artist to be on a major label at this point. https://t.co/OHi37a8kDL
Knowledge Of Selfie 10 hours ago:
@negnance @diplo I like that idea tbh
Knowledge Of Selfie 10 hours ago:
Doing a lil something with @Diplo tomorrow
Knowledge Of Selfie 14 hours ago:
@yehme2 😂😂😂😂 I’m gonna grow it back tho.
Knowledge Of Selfie 16 hours ago:
@djmoma He sure did! 🙌🏼
Knowledge Of Selfie 18 hours ago:
Psychic metabolism. Tryna figure out these psychic enzymes.
Knowledge Of Selfie 21 hours ago:
Seeing tweets about dogecoin and in my head I pronounce it like Doja Cat. (That being said plz don’t talk to me about crypto)
Knowledge Of Selfie 23 hours ago:
So FUNKY. @Waajeed_ remixed our @brosmacklovitch single (ft. @LevenKali) https://t.co/bChyCAdZcY https://t.co/Z4uJFF0spJ
Knowledge Of Selfie 23 hours ago:
The big homie @Waajeed_ blessed us! https://t.co/RgQ1XVGGHq
Knowledge Of Selfie 23 hours ago:
Excited to be a part of this. https://t.co/rehD3DFRpu

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