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Is it a plane? The Superman? No, it's Baauer's AlunaGeorge remix skyrocketting

00:00 Nov/30/1999

The latest single 'Attracting Flies' by the red hot duo AlunaGeorge found instant success upon its release. Aluna Francis and George Reid enjoyed critical acclaim already when the extremely popular track 'White Noise' with Disclouse gathered over 130,000 listeners overnight. Regardless of facing legal trouble for 'Harlem Shake' samples, Baauer stepped up to provide his take on the new track, causing a ruckus himself (over 100k listeners on Soundcloud in 3 days). It's safe to say that this isn't a case of riding the wave, as the remix really is top quality. The highly anticipated AlunaGeorge debut album won't be out until July 1st, but the wait is well worth it - also featured on the LP are remixes by Jamie Jones and S-Type.

The official video for AlunaGeorge's track

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