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Deadmau5 is offline

15:25 Oct/30/2014

We all know Deadmau5 and his his well-aimed shots. But the show will end. Why?

Deadmau5 has sworn himself off social media for a while. He decide return to music build a studio and start working on some new album. His fans will be certainly happy.

“The internet / servers and all that stuff is being shut down and packed up tomorrow,” he wrote on his Tumblr, “and following that, I think I'm gunna cool off twitter, leave the paris-ites and everything else alone just for while and screw my head back on so I can get focused on the things to come…. we got some work to do, studios to build, music to get out.”

The Mau5 man has been busy noising up Ms. Hilton of late and generally keeping his fans entertained with his no-nonsense tweets and beefs.

Well, let's see, how long it take for Deadmau5 to come back in social media



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