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Daft Punk update: Rolling Stone interview and SNL video teaser

00:00 Nov/30/1999

I know we reported that we've got the most definitive news on the album, but we didn't say that the teasing would stop. In fact, expectations were elevated to a whole new level, when the by-gone weekend's Saturday Night Live saw the most brutally teasing video preview to date. Meanwhile Guy-Manuel and Thomas took off time to chill with Pharell Williams at Coachella, airing the teaser video on the big screens of the festival stage as well. Rolling Stone got to chat with them, for the most insightful commentary on the album yet!

So Rolling Stone managed to get some background on 'Random Access Memories', the album that's gotten comments in the 'Collaborators' of Daft Punk with Giorgio Moroder, Todd Edwards and Nile Rodgers. Now it's been revelealed that work on the LP began in 2008, in Paris, with no clear plan in mind. The album came together all over the world, as the interview (with mostly Thomas speaking out) reveals: "There are songs on the album that traveled into five studios over two and a half years. They’re vials being filled up with life. Today, electronic music is made in airports and hotel rooms, by DJs traveling. It has a sense of movement, maybe, but it’s not the same vibe as going into these studios that contain specific things."

Although they did want to move away from their earlier style of work. "We wanted to do what we used to do with machines and samplers," Thomas explains, "but with people."

Daft Punk turns the electronic music upside down. "There’s this thing today where the recorded human voice is processed to try to feel robotic," he says,"here, we were trying to make robotic voices sound the most human they’ve ever sounded, in terms of expressivity and emotion."

Regarding the name of the album, Thomas commented: "We were drawing a parallel between the brain and the hard drive – the random way that memories are stored."

Thomas also elaborated on the current state of the electronic music scene: "Electronic music right now is in its comfort zone and it’s not moving one inch. That’s not what artists are supposed to do." He goes on saying that the genre is suffering "an identity crisis: You hear a song, whose track is it? There’s no signature. Skrillex has been successful because he has a recognizable sound: You hear a dubstep song, even if it’s not him, you think it’s him."

Touring, at the moment, is out of the question for the duo: "We want to focus everything on the act and excitement of listening to the album. We don’t see a tour as an accessory to an album."  Although they don't exclude the possibility of touring, Thomas emphasizes it will be with a career-encompassing set list.

Needless to say, the video trailer for the lead single 'Get Lucky' is the biggest tease yet. Thomas commented that:"SNL is this part of American culture with a certain timelessness to it."

Try the Tape Mode (bottom right corner) for the added 80s vibe!

Also, another video has emerged, revealing the origins of the snazy outfits custom made for the duo. The design is created by Saint Laurent's Hedi Slimane!

Source: Rolling Stone

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