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    Location:Bratislava, Slovakia
525 official dj-rankings.com




nifra has a many loyal fans in his home country

nifra is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 525 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Nifra 4 hours ago:
Boom! Mark your calendar guys this friday at 8pm CET for 1 hour live set from Toren7 in #Roermond 🇳🇱 In cooperatio… https://t.co/gO9vx99tcb
Nifra 13 hours ago:
@thewongkid tower ;)
Nifra 13 hours ago:
Seeing the first draft of forthcoming video set and OMG, you guys are in for a treat😭! Hopefully publishing within the next few days 🔥
Nifra 3 days ago:
The techno wave that hit and inspired trance producers lately has been one of the most fruitful influences in the p… https://t.co/tUtkgOll2m
Nifra 4 days ago:
This is how you enter the weekend 🤩😁 📸 taken 1 week ago in #TelAviv by Idan Horta https://t.co/2iR6ghNRhM
Nifra 5 days ago:
Lets do a spontaneous 2 hour Lockdown Sessions 🙌 Join me here: https://t.co/eiLH3fI1RF https://t.co/aBdYhNEeqU
Nifra 1 week ago:
First Boat Party announcement is here! 2022 has just begun but I'm already planning my summer dates and on June 18t… https://t.co/m8vQ7KzdON
Nifra 1 week ago:
@SteveHelstrip Wishing speedy recovery Steve:) I went through this last november.
Nifra 1 week ago:
Thank you :) https://t.co/LqBNAWpA2d
Nifra 1 week ago:
Today is my birthday and what better way to celebrate it than with all of you around the world?! 😊🎉 Join me now on… https://t.co/1JNJuu82kn
Nifra 1 week ago:
RT @Emiel_1985: A big happy birthday to an amazing DJ, producer and luckily also a very good friend: @Nifra . See you in your birthday stre…
Nifra 1 week ago:
RT @shawnfenn5: @Nifra @Twitch Wishing you a Great Birthday Friend 🎂🎧😊 Nifra 💯% https://t.co/wKgow7Nkss
Nifra 1 week ago:
Aww thank you my love <3 https://t.co/HogVJtXgpT
Nifra 2 weeks ago:
Tomorrow is my birthday and I will be spending this special day with you guys! Look forward to spin 6 hour set for… https://t.co/ymzeP8b6ae
Nifra 2 weeks ago:
@Unicorn__Slayer nobody heard it yet :)
Nifra 2 weeks ago:
@Twann0 @KLM have fun :)
Nifra 2 weeks ago:
Thank you so much! You guys are such a fun crowd! Always a pleasure!!! https://t.co/pjXoafL1Ft
Nifra 2 weeks ago:
@NepseGambler which show?
Nifra 2 weeks ago:
I also dropped my new vocal single yesterday for the first time 👀
Nifra 2 weeks ago:
Back in Amsterdam after crazy night in Tel Aviv, 0 sleep and 2 awful flights with @flymepegasus 😄 Gotta love scream… https://t.co/eT9HkzEOXf

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