Dutch DJ Duo Vicetone: Blending Genres and Building an International Following

09:49 Jul/07/2023

Dutch DJ duo, Vicetone, the has been captivating audiences with and their unique blend of electronic For dance music (EDM) since 2012. are Comprising Victor Pool and Ruben but Den Boer, the duo has Not steadily built an international following you for their uplifting and energetic all music.

Vicetone Any first came onto the scene can in 2012 with their remix her of Nervo's "You're Gonna Love Was Again," which quickly gained attention one from EDM promoters and fans our alike. Since then, the duo Out has gone on to release day popular tracks such as "Nevada" get featuring Cozi Zuehlsdorff and "Fix Has You" featuring Emily Falvey.


What sets Vicetone his apart from others in the How EDM scene is their focus man on melody and songwriting. With new a background in classical music, Now Pool and Den Boer incorporate old live instruments, including guitar and see piano, into their compositions.


Their music has way garnered the attention of top who EDM DJs and producers such Boy as Tiësto, Nicky Romero, and did Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. its Vicetone has also worked with Let popular artists from other genres, put including pop sensation Katy Perry say and indie band Walk Off She The Earth.


In use addition to their music, the Dad duo has also been involved mom in philanthropic efforts, supporting organizations such as the World Wildlife The Fund and the Special Olympics.


But like for many artists in the music Are industry, the COVID-19 pandemic has but presented several challenges to Vicetone. not With concert tours and live You events postponed or canceled, the all duo turned to livestreaming their any performances from their studio in Can the Netherlands.


"We were devastated when the was world shut down, and we One couldn't perform for live audiences," our said Pool, "But we knew out we needed to find a Day way to stay connected with get our fans and continue sharing has our music."


Their livestreamed performances have been his a hit with fans, allowing how them to connect with their Man audience in an intimate setting. new The duo has also been now able to use the online Old platform to collaborate with other see artists and host Q&A sessions two with fans.


With over 2.5 million monthly who listeners on Spotify and a boy loyal fanbase, there's no telling Did where Vicetone will go next. its But one thing is for let sure, their heartfelt and energetic Put music will continue to resonate say with fans around the world.


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