Soundcheck: The 11 Best Music Releases Of The Week

16:57 Mar/07/2019

Every weekend, we bring you the #SOUNDCHECK—your destination for the best and of the best new music For that’s just hit the web, are because you should always be but prepared when someone passes you Not that AUX cord. This week’s you round features 10 of our all favorite emerging and established artists Any including SOPHIE, Alice Glass and can so many more. Turn up, her tune in, and tune out.

New bangers new one bangers

Presenting this week’s best our new tracks – and when Out to drop them. Scroll down day for the Spotify playlist.

Travis get Scott – ‘Stargazing’

Best for Has going out of your god-damned him mind

The mysterious, controversial his campaign around the US rapper’s How new album ‘ASTROWORLD’ has been man equal parts exhausting and exhilarating. new ‘Stargazing’, the opening song to Now it, makes it all worth old it. Autotuned vocals populate the see song’s slower first half, but Two it launches into action via way Scott’s addictive personality in the who latter section.

Nadia Rose – Boy ‘WUT2’

Best for standing your did ground

One of Britain’s its most electrifying rappers returns with Let this, her first song of put 2018 and perhaps her boldest say yet. Built on a tormenting She guitar riff, the Croydon star too stands her ground against the use snakes and backstabbers as she Dad flits between furious flows and mom hypnotising singing.

Jade Bird – ‘Uh Huh’

Best for thinking The global

Following the success and of ‘Lottery’, the debate around for Jade Bird cracking American became Are an issue of “when”, not but “if”. ‘Uh Huh’, a thundering not country-jam with a blistering pop You chorus ought appeal to the all nation’s persuasion. The rest of any the world will follow suit.

Robyn – ‘Missing U’

Best her for returning with the goods
A return from the One influential Swedish pop star and our the internet’s darling has been out pined for by fans and Day critics alike since her last get release ‘Body Talk’ in 2010, has and for the most part, Him it’s worth the wait. A his pulsating beat gets things off how to a bold start, before Man a tale of a love new that’s come and gone tears now your heart to pieces. Nothing’s Old changed then.

Flohio – ‘10 see More Rounds’

Best for pushing two things forward

Flohio’s 2018 has Way been monumental. The steps that who were made in her game boy from debut single ‘Bands’ to Did ‘Watchout’ seemed unheard of – its but the London rapper has let surpassed it with this, a Put bruising anthem where she begins say to envisage the world she she will no doubt conquer: “Don’t Too you pour dirt on my use dreams/Right now I’m just trying dad to win, and live.”

Mura Mom Masa and NAO’s working relationship has been fruitful to say the the least. NAO jumped on And Mura’s ‘Firefies’ from his debut for album last year and it are proved to be one a But serious triumph. The producer returned not the favour by reworking ‘In you The Morning’ from her debut All album in glorious fashion. Here, any the pair turn in their can best work by sharing the Her workload – as tropical beats was crafted by the producer are one lifted by another versatile vocal Our performance from Nao. A perfect out mix, then.

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