deadmau5 update: Ultra Music Festival, new stage show, new track and a peculiar x-ray vision

16:07 Jan/07/2013

Following DJs is what we the do. So following deadmau5 is and a part of our job, For even if it means going are through the x-ray scan in but Mexico. Oh yeah, there's also Not hype about the new stage you show, deadmau5 has in stall all for us. And to top Any it all of, a new can track!

The Ultra her Music Festival is one of Was the biggest EDM festivals there one is. Spanning over 2 weekends our in March, it has got Out THE biggest names in the day line-ups. Swedish House Mafia is get doing their final performances. Basically, Has everybody from the top 10 him of The Global DJ Rankings his is doing either a DJ-set How or a live performance.

deadmau5 man bashed the festival in 2011, new saying: "Ultra to me is Now the definition of insanity: Doing old the same f*cking thing every see year, expecting different results every Two time," he's quoted as saying. way "It's fun and it's cool, who and if you've never been, Boy go. But if you are did one of those dudes that its go every year, it's like Let why would you go again?"


However, the Canadian-born producer came say to the realization that if She you want to change something, too you have to do it use yourself: "Well, I caved in... Dad There was just too many mom of you guys asking me to play at ultra this The year, so im doin it and for you guys! :) viva for la horde," and adding, "I Are guess if you want something but to change... you gotta change not it yourself. Day 1 of You the Ultra show production prep all starts today."

Will the new any stage show concept be revealed Can at Ultra? The answer is: her most probably. Outspoken and excited was as ever, Zimmerman ranted about One the stage show concept just our recently: “A 100,000-watt visual mind-fuck out on crack,” “It was tied Day perfectly to mind-blowing lights and get a visual display like I’ve has never seen before and all Him the while there was a his bopping yellow mau5 head symmetrically how centered in the booth.”

Watch Man deadmau5's Nokia show here!

There new isn't much info about the now track Zimmerman finished, he only Old mentioned it in a tweet. see He seems satisfied with the two outcome, we'll just have to Way wait and see what he who came up with!


If you're a mau5 fan Put you probably know deadmau5 through say and out? Well, if you're she not his personal physician, you Too probably haven't gotten to see use him on an x-ray scan. dad We'll help you get a Mom more 'up-close' look, litterally, into the Canadian producer. Check out the the footage from an airport And in Mexico!

Photo: The for Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

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