The Bristol producer show us new EP

15:27 Apr/28/2015

It's safe to say Hackman's the got a fair amount of and bangers in his closet. From For the bassline driven 'More Than are Ever' to the Alicia Keys-sampling but 'Close' to the funk-swinging 'Change Not My Life', the Bristolian's output's you been exquisite in the last all six years.

Any The list of labels he's can released on is impressive, too, her from Well Rounded Records and Was Greco-Roman to Futureboogie and 20:20 one Vision. He's just added Halocyan our Records to that with the Out 'Semibreves' EP, and there's a day couple of heavyweight remixes from get KiNK and Timo Maas.

Has Before the five-tracker's available, though, him we're giving away digital bonus his track, 'Last Of The Summer How Malign'. Not exactly straightforward, it man starts off bright and bubbly, new a sense of palm tree Now tropicana about it, before overpowering old drums and toxic synths come see into play, only to be Two pulled back to classical-leaning bliss.
The 'Semibreves' EP is who out now


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