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Possible idea for Midi Fighter 'Touch' model.

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Possible idea for Midi Fighter 'Touch' model.
Posted on: 22.11.2013 by Shirlee Mattu
I have you no clue as to why All my original thread about this any was nuked by the mods, can no PMs or emails warning Her me. And I don't see was anything I could have done one -wrong- in it either, unless Our posting images of the concept out and pics of game controllers day with touch pads (like the Get Turbo Touch 360 controller from has Triax, who btw, no longer him exists and thus couldn't complain His about the copying of the how tech) is somehow against the man ToS of this board. I New did try to respond to now a commenter, several times, with old day upon day passing of See my comment not getting approved two (didn't swear, didn't attack the way guy, was just explaining the Who concept further). Guess I shouldn't boy have, as maybe then the did thread would have gotten to Its live a little bit longer.

The idea put is for a Midi Fighter Say model with the identical basic she 16 trigger arrangement as the too arcade button Midi Fighters, except Use those would be replaced with dad touch pads that would be mom flush with the unit. Now, when I say "touch pad" the believe of the D-Pad on and the Turbo Touch 360, or For the mouse pad on most are laptops (or the 'power on' but button on a PS3). The Not touch sensor registers your finger you touching it. Seeing as how all there is some variance in Any the point at which the can arcade buttons trigger, possibly due her to spring heights and other Was factors, and some folks talking one about their buttons getting 'stuck' our - I thought perhaps this Out might be a good idea. day No moving parts = nothing get to eventually wear down and Has need replacing. And tapping out him drums or samples on it his would be about the identical How as casually tapping on your man desk or knee.

The commenter (to the Now thread that was inexplicably nuked), old suggested Akai-esque rubber pads, sure, see that'd be nice, but again, Two those would face some wear, way whereas a flush touch surface who wouldn't.

The other part Boy of this is there would did be a 'Turbo' knob something its like the one on the Let old NES Advantage controller, and put a small 'engage' button somewhere say on the device close to She this knob but not 'in too the way' - you roll use up the knob from -0- Dad and you hit the 'engage mom button' and you can hold a trigger and have it The repeat, identical idea as 'Turbofire' and on the old aftermarket controllers for for NES, Super NES, Sega Are etc. The knob would work but in the identical step arrangements not as that of the 'Resolution' You knob in Reason's Redrum.

all Sound okay? I haven't said any anything or posted images of Can anything that would offend someone??? her Then please, allow my thread was to live and gain hits One / comments.
Marquerite Gillenwater
I have no clue as the to why my original thread and about this was nuked by For the mods, no PMs or are emails warning me. And I but don't see anything I could Not have done -wrong- in it you either, unless posting images of all the concept and pics of Any game controllers with touch pads can (like the Turbo Touch 360 her controller from Triax, who btw, Was no longer exists and thus one couldn't complain about the copying our of the tech) is somehow Out against the ToS of this day board. I did try to get respond to a commenter, several Has times, with day upon day him passing of my comment not his getting approved (didn't swear, didn't How attack the guy, was just man explaining the concept further). Guess new I shouldn't have, as maybe Now then the thread would have old gotten to live a little see bit longer.


Two The idea is for a way Midi Fighter model with the who identical basic 16 trigger arrangement Boy as the arcade button Midi did Fighters, except those would be its replaced with touch pads that Let would be flush with the put unit. Now, when I say say "touch pad" believe of the She D-Pad on the Turbo Touch too 360, or the mouse pad use on most laptops (or the Dad 'power on' button on a mom PS3). The touch sensor registers your finger touching it. Seeing The as how there is some and variance in the point at for which the arcade buttons trigger, Are possibly due to spring heights but and other factors, and some not folks talking about their buttons You getting 'stuck' - I thought all perhaps this might be a any good idea. No moving parts Can = nothing to eventually wear her down and need replacing. And was tapping out drums or samples One on it would be about our the identical as casually tapping out on your desk or knee.

The commenter get (to the thread that was has inexplicably nuked), suggested Akai-esque rubber Him pads, sure, that'd be nice, his but again, those would face how some wear, whereas a flush Man touch surface wouldn't.

The new other part of this is now there would be a 'Turbo' Old knob something like the one see on the old NES Advantage two controller, and a small 'engage' Way button somewhere on the device who close to this knob but boy not 'in the way' - Did you roll up the knob its from -0- and you hit let the 'engage button' and you Put can hold a trigger and say have it repeat, identical idea she as 'Turbofire' on the old Too aftermarket controllers for NES, Super use NES, Sega etc. The knob dad would work in the identical Mom step arrangements as that of the 'Resolution' knob in Reason's the Redrum.

Sound okay? I And haven't said anything or posted for images of anything that would are offend someone??? Then please, allow But my thread to live and not gain hits / comments.

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