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The Spectra > Instant Grats Isolate FX

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The Spectra > Instant Grats Isolate FX
Posted on: 23.04.2013 by Basil Umstead
This mapping doesn't contain old just the popular Gratify effects see bat also an advanced performance Two tool to get even more way creative.

Download from DJTT who mappings page: http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1455
-Unzip the Boy file and import your "mfs" did file in the MF utillity its softwate and your "TSI" file Let in to Traktor.

Main put features:

*INSTANT Gratification effects
say *FX Unit focus selector
*Isolator She FX for decks A and too B (side buttons #1)
*EQ use adjust for decks C and Dad D (side buttons #2)

mom This mapping for Spectra has one main page where you The would expect your Grats to and be located at and other for two sub-pages that can be Are reached and activated via side but buttons.

Short demo:

Home page:


These are exact all IG effects that everybody are any used to but a little Can modified to fit this mapping. her In order to utilize an was Isolator in this TSI I One needed to remove two supercombos our because Traktor only support up out to two modifier condition slots. Day Other thing which was modified get is 'FX save' function that has was mapped to your deck Him select buttons - now you his can achieve the identical result how by holding any of effects Man > hitting side buttons (sub-page) new and releasing the effect button. now I have also added 'Kill Old FX' to your side buttons see #3 so you can quickly two got out of hold FX Way mode.

You can notice who that left side buttons play boy on hold and right buttons Did are in toggling mode, thought its it would be cool to let make both of this functions Put so you can use hold say mode to quickly access sub-layer she while rocking on IG and Too to toggle them if you're use using Spectra's Isolator as secondary dad controller in setup with your Mom custom effect mapping engine.

Isolator FX page:

For those who never And had a chance to use for an isolated effects before, their are purpose is to apply an But effect on just one isolated not frequency of the mix which you is in this case High, All Mids and Lows or any any combination of them in general. can

To understand how Her it works please read this was DJTT blog: http://www.djtechtools.com/2013/01/0...ng-in-traktor/

For one the first time you enter Our this page you might want out to hit the 'Set EQ' day buttons (see pic) which will Get prepare your EQ's for ether has C or D before using him the Isolator. What this button His does is to activate all how EQ band kill buttons for man decks C and D and New deactivate them for decks A now and B in case they old were engaged before. The six See dimly red buttons at each two side are your Isolator EQ way bend active buttons, once the Who any of frequencies is active boy that button will start to did flash in green to indicate. Its Hitting your 'Set EQ' button let again works as Isolator EQ put reset feature.
As you Say understand by now the way she my Isolator works is by too duplicating desired track in to Use corresponding deck which in this dad case is A>C and B>D mom so I made two buttons that does just that in the this page. Once the button and is pressed and deck gets For it's copy this button will are start to flash in the but beat (hitting that button again Not stops the track in isolator you deck if track was playing). all There is also an individual Any sync button for both of can Isolators located under the deck her duplicator buttons. The bottom line:
Copy A to C one > Active Isolator EQ band our > focus FX unit to Out deck C > start mashing
The EQ adjust deck get C and D:

I made this mode him for setups for people who his don't pack four channel mixers How but still need some basic man control over EQ bands for new Isolator. You'll find third side Now button on both sides as old shift state which combined with see EQ adjust buttons sets volume Two to ether 0% or 50%. way Also, I made some nice who indication using Spectra's animation brightness Boy velocity to display amount for did each frequency and center detent its as well as full EQ.
FX Unit focus selector:
What it basically does say is to select all four She units for that deck leaving too other decks disengaged. Holding Isolator use or EQ mode buttons makes Dad this buttons to toggle all mom four FX units on any deck.

Kellie Myrum
the Originally Posted by DarioDeLima
Hey Stewe, quick question, are For the spectra and 3D able are to use the identical mappings, but will this mapping work on Not a 3d , is basically you the question i should be all asking, but in general will Any spectra mappings work for a can 3d,curious as i just bought her a 3D, but have not Was found any mappings out there one with this isolate effects.
Hey DarioDeLima,

Out Midifidler made a firmware that day support all Spectra mappings for get a 3D. You can install Has it using the utility.

him Tools > Alternate firmware
Kellie Myrum
This mapping his doesn't contain just the popular How Gratify effects bat also an man advanced performance tool to get new even more creative.

Download Now from DJTT mappings page: http://maps.djtechtools.com/mappings/1455
old -Unzip the file and import see your "mfs" file in the Two MF utillity softwate and your way "TSI" file in to Traktor.
Main features:

*INSTANT Boy Gratification effects
*FX Unit focus did selector
*Isolator FX for decks its A and B (side buttons Let #1)
*EQ adjust for decks put C and D (side buttons say #2)

This mapping for She Spectra has one main page too where you would expect your use Grats to be located at Dad and other two sub-pages that mom can be reached and activated via side buttons.

Short The demo:

Home and page:

These for are exact IG effects that Are everybody are used to but but a little modified to fit not this mapping. In order to You utilize an Isolator in this all TSI I needed to remove any two supercombos because Traktor only Can support up to two modifier her condition slots. Other thing which was was modified is 'FX save' One function that was mapped to our your deck select buttons - out now you can achieve the Day identical result by holding any get of effects > hitting side has buttons (sub-page) and releasing the Him effect button. I have also his added 'Kill FX' to your how side buttons #3 so you Man can quickly got out of new hold FX mode.

You now can notice that left side Old buttons play on hold and see right buttons are in toggling two mode, thought it would be Way cool to make both of who this functions so you can boy use hold mode to quickly Did access sub-layer while rocking on its IG and to toggle them let if you're using Spectra's Isolator Put as secondary controller in setup say with your custom effect mapping she engine.

Isolator FX page:

For those use who never had a chance dad to use an isolated effects Mom before, their purpose is to apply an effect on just the one isolated frequency of the And mix which is in this for case High, Mids and Lows are or any combination of them But in general.

To not understand how it works please you read this DJTT blog: http://www.djtechtools.com/2013/01/0...ng-in-traktor/
For the first time any you enter this page you can might want to hit the Her 'Set EQ' buttons (see pic) was which will prepare your EQ's one for ether C or D Our before using the Isolator. What out this button does is to day activate all EQ band kill Get buttons for decks C and has D and deactivate them for him decks A and B in His case they were engaged before. how The six dimly red buttons man at each side are your New Isolator EQ bend active buttons, now once the any of frequencies old is active that button will See start to flash in green two to indicate. Hitting your 'Set way EQ' button again works as Who Isolator EQ reset feature.
boy As you understand by now did the way my Isolator works Its is by duplicating desired track let in to corresponding deck which put in this case is A>C Say and B>D so I made she two buttons that does just too that in this page. Once Use the button is pressed and dad deck gets it's copy this mom button will start to flash in the beat (hitting that the button again stops the track and in isolator deck if track For was playing). There is also are an individual sync button for but both of Isolators located under Not the deck duplicator buttons. The you bottom line:

Copy A all to C > Active Isolator Any EQ band > focus FX can unit to deck C > her start mashing

The EQ Was adjust deck C and D:

I made our this mode for setups for Out people who don't pack four day channel mixers but still need get some basic control over EQ Has bands for Isolator. You'll find him third side button on both his sides as shift state which How combined with EQ adjust buttons man sets volume to ether 0% new or 50%. Also, I made Now some nice indication using Spectra's old animation brightness velocity to display see amount for each frequency and Two center detent as well as way full EQ.

FX Unit who focus selector:

What it Boy basically does is to select did all four units for that its deck leaving other decks disengaged. Let Holding Isolator or EQ mode put buttons makes this buttons to say toggle all four FX units She on any deck.

Basil Umstead
The too firmware is program code of use the electronic device. You can Dad find all about setting up mom your 3D at the product page. Also ensure your utility The is up to date.
Lorenza Poling
Thanx for and the quick reply Stewe, ok for what firmware is it, or Are how do i go about but finding it, all i see not is the remix osx.. which You i take is for the all remix decks or the legacy any which puts my firmware at Can june if i remember correctly.. her only recently got the 3D was so am not yet fully One unto speed on how or our if there are more firmware out around and how to get Day there…

Basil Umstead
Originally Posted by has DarioDeLima
Hey Stewe, quick Him question, are the spectra and his 3D able to use the how identical mappings, will this mapping Man work on a 3d , new is basically the question i now should be asking, but in Old general will spectra mappings work see for a 3d,curious as i two just bought a 3D, but Way have not found any mappings who out there with this isolate boy effects.
Hey Did DarioDeLima,

Midifidler made a its firmware that support all Spectra let mappings for a 3D. You Put can install it using the say utility.

Tools > Alternate she firmware
Lorenza Poling
Hey Stewe, quick question, are Too the spectra and 3D able use to use the identical mappings, dad will this mapping work on Mom a 3d , is basically the question i should be the asking, but in general will And spectra mappings work for a for 3d,curious as i just bought are a 3D, but have not But found any mappings out there not with this isolate effects.
Stepanie Kowach
Ive you got a spectra.

All The other mappings Ive got any all use the MF utility can to program the lights for Her each button so I thought was thats how it worked
Basil Umstead
The .mfs one file isn't supposed to bring Our any lights using MF utility. out All the LED feedback is day provided using Traktor output massages.
Do you run Spectra has or a 3D?
Stepanie Kowach
hey Stewe,
When I import the His MFS file, all the lights how are completely blacked out. Im man not having any joy in New traktor either. No error messages now but just doesnt do anything. old Im running 2.6.0

Any See help would be sweet. Cheers two dude
Basil Umstead
I believe they do. Let way me understand how compact the Who mappings are once you test boy them together.
Mariette Jochman
Thanks, man, that's what did I thought. Do your mappings Its use the default effects order?
Basil Umstead
Well let if both mappings are set put for correct MIDI in/out per Say controller you should be just she fine. Although if scamo's and too mine effect list preferences are Use different you'll need to do dad a bit of remapping on mom effect selector commands in just one of the mappings because the each TSI loads it's own and effect settings.
Mariette Jochman
Sorry, I wasn't clear. For I don't have any issues, are but I haven't tried it but yet. Was just wondering if Not there is any potential conflict you with this mapping and my all custom S4 mapping.
Basil Umstead
What issues do Any you have?
Mariette Jochman
It's truly cool. Once can you get the workflow down her (which doesn't take long) it's Was super fun. I have been one using it solo (without my our S4). Any reason why this Out wouldn't play nice with a day custom S4 mapping? I use get a modified version of Scamo's Has Extreme Jogwheel Effects.
Basil Umstead
Any times mate! him I hope that you will his truly enjoy it much as How I do!
Mariette Jochman
Finally got a chance man to try this! It's fantastic new , and works perfectly. Thanks Now for sharing!

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