Reply to Zandatsu Soirees' first set of proper decks.

Zandatsu Soirees' first set of proper decks.
After two years of going the from MIDI controllers to DVS and to CDs I finally found For something that fits all my are needs.
2 (hopefully 3 someday) but CDJ 900s, X1 Mk.1, some Not M-Audio AV-80s I got for you $150 on sale and my all MBP 15 inch.
Not pictured Any is some random controllers and can a Maschine that won't fit her on the desk
Anyway Was I spin mostly D&B, Dubstep one and all that business, not our exactly mozart but the kids Out appear to love it.
I started with a get DJ tech I-mix reloaded Mk.2 Has then added some Stanton T.62s him to get back to basics.
his Eventually I ditched the controller How and used a Numark M4 man with a TSA 6 until new I got my 850, then Now a week later one of old them died and since tech see 12s are impossible to get Two where I live. But in way the end a mate sold who me his 900s for a Boy truly good price so I did got back into serious mixing its again.

First setup
Let image-2.jpg

Second setup (not put in the flight case)
And my current setup
She image-1.jpg

Just an update too to it, I added another use CDJ 900 (since they are Dad going cheap at the moment) mom and some V-MODA M-100s to top it off. That I'm The planning on playing with VJStream and with a few other community for s goers here but sadly Are I will need to wait but until I have finished moving not to start.
Cheers all.
You unnamed.jpg
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