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    Location:London, United Kingdom
21981 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



tonker tim is a DJ from United Kingdom

tonker tim is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 21981 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Tim Jones 3 hours ago:
RT @Kevin_Maguire: Thatcherite city slicker Farage, 10 years a Tory member, pulling candidates in Con seats to help Johnson and target only…
Tim Jones 3 hours ago:
@MsRoseHypnol @mikestockmusic @MailOnline Yeah The Daily Mail always tells the truth lmao
Tim Jones 3 hours ago:
@JamesClayton5 @BBCNewsnight Shows they are just the same party
Tim Jones 4 hours ago:
When does he get his Lord award they have given him in this deal?
Tim Jones 4 hours ago:
@BBCBreakfast More like a cover up for #BorisJohnson he can’t even place a wreath correctly
Tim Jones 4 hours ago:
Tory candidate faces calls to quit over 'disgusting racism' https://t.co/ZjGpGa2LEr #GeneralElection2019 #ToryStory
Tim Jones 7 hours ago:
@brexitparty_uk Getting a Lordship are we?
Tim Jones 7 hours ago:
RT @Otto_English: Vote Conservative - get Lord Farage #BrexitParty https://t.co/DPHBBUTEQI
Tim Jones 7 hours ago:
@Conservatives @sajidjavid You’ve sold our Steel manufacturing to China! Idiots #BritishSteel #GeneralElection2019 #selingenglandbythe£
Tim Jones 8 hours ago:
@UKDefenceNews1 @carolJhedges They’ve done it to the Prison Service and also to Parole Service... funny that they t… https://t.co/aze8GuVZBR
Tim Jones 9 hours ago:
Boris Johnson accused of fracking U-turn as firms 'could be allowed to drill for shale gas' just days after Tories… https://t.co/df53ffCSbn
Tim Jones 10 hours ago:
I enjoyed this: 'Does 5G Cause Cancer?' https://t.co/gBqGSfz4tp via @ShellyPalmer
Tim Jones 12 hours ago:
@Nigel_Farage This will backfire as he will split the opposition in non Tory seats
Tim Jones 12 hours ago:
@Nigel_Farage reject this Thatcherite 1980s tribute act, which would lead to more savage Tory attacks on working cl… https://t.co/DH6X94Hlsy
Tim Jones 14 hours ago:
RT @bbcpress: 🛸 Woking, 1905. George & Amy’s relationship is a scandal. Then one night a mysterious capsule lands on Horsell Common... Ele…
Tim Jones 14 hours ago:
@MattHancock https://t.co/46wU8SUF06 What's your excuse for this?
Tim Jones 14 hours ago:
BBC News - Child poverty cash handed back to Europe unspent #generalelection https://t.co/E7BjXhHMyP
Tim Jones 15 hours ago:
Check out my latest article: Why Hyper Personalisation? https://t.co/kjeL4316BH via @LinkedIn
Tim Jones 18 hours ago:
The latest The Tim Jones Daily! https://t.co/gDA6n580sR Thanks to @petesavas #iraqprotests #soho
Tim Jones 1 day ago:
@BenKentish @JamesEFoster https://t.co/D48xopsaUp

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