Genre:House, Minimal
    Location:Distrito Federal, Mexico
1822 official dj-rankings.com




tini tun has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

tini tun is performing within the field of House, Minimal music and is ranked 1822 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Simon Baker 2 weeks ago:
For anyone that may have missed this article I wrote on tinnitus for @DJmag. Tips on how to manage it, as well as p… https://t.co/Ilvz5yPrU3
Simon Baker 3 weeks ago:
RT @russellcrowe: Hey English football fans in NY/LI is the Leeds v Norwich game on tv ? What channel ? Is there a pub or bar that you know…
Simon Baker 2 months ago:
Yesterday at @lufc with my nephew and his best gaming mate ever Hugo. Archie brought his Leeds mug for a Yorkshire… https://t.co/n6iBX5SvxG
Simon Baker 3 months ago:
@BBC6Breakfast @shaunwkeaveny Pretty peeved about this manoeuvre tbh! Bet he’s buzzing about a sleep in though ey! @shaunwkeaveny
Simon Baker 4 months ago:
6million have tinnitus in the UK never mind the rest of the world, and according to the @BritishTinnitus Associatio… https://t.co/QnRwbIPYvZ
Simon Baker 5 months ago:
TINNITUS PEOPLE - do you wonder why are you are listening constantly to your tinnitus when most of the population i… https://t.co/RGjqeklZVn
Simon Baker 5 months ago:
Great to get my story in this months Quiet Magazine, a mag run by the britishtinnitusassociation , talking about ho… https://t.co/ux1XKkIK4t
Simon Baker 5 months ago:
I’ve dj’d for 23 years now, 15 of those professionally. Although I still play out, I am in a new chapter in life no… https://t.co/MsuRUOsJF1
Simon Baker 6 months ago:
What a MINT weekend at @exhalefestival! 🙌🏼⛺️😎 #djing #yoga #wimhof #festival #therapy #gongmeditation #partyparty… https://t.co/hSeugIx3xw
Simon Baker 6 months ago:
What a MINT weekend at @exhalefestival! 🙌🏼⛺️😎 #djing #yoga #wimhof #festival #therapy #gongmeditation #partyparty… https://t.co/MdC25cgeGH
Simon Baker 6 months ago:
Back in beefs and loving it! 👌🏽#busmansholiday #upanddowntime #jollies #oldtownibiza @ Ibiza Old Town https://t.co/ypIpeoNMrH
Simon Baker 6 months ago:
I don’t do so many dj gigs these days but when I do I fucking love it! I’ll be taking a night off the therapy next… https://t.co/w5ULoTEjSz
Simon Baker 7 months ago:
Swim 🏊‍♂️ chat 🗣 fried chicken 🍗 beer 🍺 Simple as that! #simpletons #niceafternoonout nick_gynn @ Queen Elizabeth… https://t.co/NQ6zkSLurx
Simon Baker 7 months ago:
RT @Fearnecotton: We are out of the World Cup, the suns gone in and Trump is coming to town. Shall we all just get on the gin?
Simon Baker 7 months ago:
RT @liamgallagher: That England team were biblical and the best thing to come out of this is that we got a proper manger Gareth Southgate y…
Simon Baker 7 months ago:
@itvfootball @JPickford1 @gabrielclarke05 @England Amazing keeper, good lad!
Simon Baker 8 months ago:
RT @shaunwkeaveny: Love the restraint and self-censorship danny shows here by not using the C-word 👍🏿 https://t.co/xop8CDooUq
Simon Baker 8 months ago:
Circa 2014 in Ibiza… https://t.co/kBNeRBkUa0
Simon Baker 8 months ago:
Ace to be back in… https://t.co/hZtqj7ulBT
Simon Baker 8 months ago:
@DavidfromtheBTA @DJmag Julian Cowan Hill is my mentor and the guru in this field David. He is on his third book an… https://t.co/oENx35g0Lh

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