Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Los Angeles, United States
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United States



thefatrat is a DJ from United States

thefatrat is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 21656 on the official DJ rankings list (

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TheFatRat 5 hours ago:
@lilbadsnacks To me those two are equal. Days where my music sucks are shitty by default and on good music days I f…
TheFatRat 5 hours ago:
Update: @SupraphonCZ already confirmed that they will remove the claim.
TheFatRat 6 hours ago:
@AzdraweeCZ @SupraphonCZ No need to. This has nothing to do with your country.
TheFatRat 7 hours ago:
@TheAidanator_YT Yup, just tweeted about it.
TheFatRat 7 hours ago:
Also your YouTube revenue won't be affected since YT keeps it until the claim is resolved.
TheFatRat 7 hours ago:
@RealMyUsername Yup, I'm aware of that. I've reached out to @SupraphonCZ and I'm sure the claim will be removed soo…
TheFatRat 7 hours ago:
@ransouvi Yes, they are. This is a false claim. I've reached out to @SupraphonCZ to remove it.
TheFatRat 7 hours ago:
@John_BoogleYT They are false and will be removed soon. Your revenue won't be affected.
TheFatRat 7 hours ago:
I'm aware of some false claims on my music on YouTube. No worries. I have reached out to @SupraphonCZ and I'm sure…
TheFatRat 1 day ago:
[email protected] is guest on my Discord server. Come and hang with us
TheFatRat 2 days ago:
@ImCusterHD @Phaeraofficial Ableton Live
TheFatRat 2 days ago:
@revoxx__ No, Abletons default coloring is pretty random. This is true craftsmanship 💪
TheFatRat 2 days ago:
Please notice the rainbow coloring of the tracks to get even more good vibes into the song 🌈
TheFatRat 2 days ago:
New song „Sunlight“ with @Phaeraofficial will be out on June 7th. Pure feel-good melodic glitch hop.
TheFatRat 2 days ago:
@KEEMSTAR Hero 🦸‍♂️
TheFatRat 3 days ago:
@TeamYouTube After reading your article the question remains: WHY???
TheFatRat 4 days ago:
Incredible fan art for MAYDAY
TheFatRat 4 days ago:
@MWOffisch On TheFatRat trademark. Basically now I may use my artist name in China.
TheFatRat 4 days ago:
Just won a trademark dispute in China 🎉🍾 In related news: I still spend most of my time making music.
TheFatRat 5 days ago:
Also the plot sounds similar to a fantasy novel I read years ago.

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