Genre:Hardcore / Hard Techno
    Location:Bologna, Italy
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technoboy is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

technoboy is performing within the field of Hardcore / Hard Techno music and is ranked 369 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Technoboy 2 hours ago:
RT @djTuneboy: 😍😍😍😍 Number #1 on @beatport Hard dance chart! @djtechnoboy @dirtyworkz #Hardstyle #reversebass
Technoboy 3 days ago:
RT @djtechnoboy: 190BPM @EDC_LasVegas @bassconmassive
Technoboy 3 days ago:
RT @JennifurRawr: I love @djtechnoboy . That is all. 🥰
Technoboy 3 days ago:
RT @_chrisg_702: @djTuneboy classic set hands down had the best set of the night dropping banger after banger
Technoboy 3 days ago:
@LanozNL @EDC_LasVegas @bassconmassive Excessive to who?
Technoboy 3 days ago:
@LanozNL @EDC_LasVegas @bassconmassive Why “Why”?
Technoboy 3 days ago:
190BPM @EDC_LasVegas @bassconmassive
Technoboy 4 days ago:
RT @notoriousdgk: I believe that @TNThardstyle @djtechnoboy @djTuneboy deserve to play at a bigger stage at EDC!! The amount of energy thes…
Technoboy 5 days ago:
RT @djtechnoboy: #EDCLV19 got me like
Technoboy 6 days ago:
#EDCLV19 got me like
Technoboy 2 weeks ago:
@SoundRush_ @KLM It is sadly true. It became a standard (and them rates they apply...)
Technoboy 2 weeks ago:
@villaineyez Haha 🤣
Technoboy 4 weeks ago:
RT @HardNewsNL: @djtechnoboy and @djTuneboy are joining the @dirtyworkz label 🔥 "We’re very happy to be part of the family!" 🙏🏻 ▶️READ: h…
Technoboy 4 weeks ago:
RT @djTuneboy: 🤩🤩🤩 @dirtyworkz @djtechnoboy #HARDSTYLE
Technoboy 4 weeks ago:
RT @bassconmassive: Headbanging?! That's cute. 😂 Show #Bassrush who the real winners are!! 🔥 #ProjectZ Join the battle →…
Technoboy 4 weeks ago:
@bassconmassive I ♥️ headbanging
Technoboy 1 month ago:
@_ehgia 🤣
Technoboy 2 months ago:
RT @H4BI_D: I woke up listening Timmy Tumpet - Oracle (TNT Remix) Now I can have a good day :) @djtechnoboy @djTuneboy #HARDSTYLE
Technoboy 2 months ago:
RT @Hardwithstyle: Taken from Brennan’s ‘Show Your True Colors’ album 4. @djbrennanheart & @TNThardstyle – Realness #HWS84 #HHZ #headhunter…
Technoboy 2 months ago:
RT @SolidEvents: #Vancouver!! Get ready for the return of @TNThardstyle @djTuneboy @djtechnoboy Friday June 28th at @Harbour_VanCity. Ticke…

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