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    Location:New York, United States
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United States



roger sanchez is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

roger sanchez is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 310 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Roger Sanchez 1 day ago:
I’m live right now on my Twitch page - https://t.co/9ZbsuM4GCp 😎 #HouseNation @Twitch #Live https://t.co/0fSreyJLGA
Roger Sanchez 2 days ago:
Much love 2 the #Housenation! Join me this Saturday April 4th for another @UNDRtheRADR_ live stream at 5pm Est on T… https://t.co/yphKZS26w8
Roger Sanchez 4 days ago:
Just a few weeks ago at @magazine_ldn with the bananas @Clockwork_OClub crew when we could all dance together. I ca… https://t.co/vTn6eITd2w
Roger Sanchez 1 week ago:
Ta-Daaa! Here is the finished wall that Kristen Knight and I painted in our living room - Now ready for the pieces… https://t.co/mIK6y7wPHM
Roger Sanchez 1 week ago:
Join me this week for 'In My House' sessions... Saturday 2pm EST / 6pm GMT. Webinar on https://t.co/cLZoDXj64M Sat… https://t.co/C8bx4PUd6X
Roger Sanchez 2 weeks ago:
@DefectedRecords @2manydjsTour @JoeyNegro @rivastarr Damn! Right now my shelves are in storage boxes while I build… https://t.co/YJm8OvTQlH
Roger Sanchez 2 weeks ago:
#HouseNation join me today here at 5pm EST for an @UNDRtheRADR_ livestream set on Instagram from my living room in… https://t.co/jd92V1RvyK
Roger Sanchez 2 weeks ago:
Decided to spend some time going back through the archives, really enjoyed finding this clip from Top of the Pops w… https://t.co/XkNc6QrsuQ
Roger Sanchez 3 weeks ago:
@graemepark Just a bit more grey and now I have facial hair 🤪
Roger Sanchez 3 weeks ago:
@graemepark Lol
Roger Sanchez 3 weeks ago:
Flashback to my childhood days with my mother & little brother. It's 3 years since she passed on & I miss her every… https://t.co/zRKBKNBQnE
Roger Sanchez 3 weeks ago:
On this week's episode of #ReleaseYourself... New music from @Cocodrills, @MichaelBibi1, @CarlosKinn, @WillTaylorDJ… https://t.co/dIp65Gzadk
Roger Sanchez 3 weeks ago:
Due to the unprecedented epidemic of COVID-19 & health concerns to all our fans coming to our @UNDRtheRADR_ event o… https://t.co/EGJB9nSbzl
Roger Sanchez 3 weeks ago:
#HouseNation - Here is where I'm at over the next few months... Make sure you're on that dance floor! 😎 #TouringLife https://t.co/FuK7h1WDzl
Roger Sanchez 4 weeks ago:
Excited to be back in Leeds playing at a legendary venue, @Warehouse_Leeds. See you on 25th April 😎 Tickets |… https://t.co/ZSWiD8nxpE
Roger Sanchez 4 weeks ago:
Really looking forward to rocking in Orlando, celebrating 30 years on One Step Beyond on 12 March! Get tickets her… https://t.co/vFHekyMz6s
Roger Sanchez 4 weeks ago:
Can't wait to be back playing with @Glitterbox on Sunday at @Creamfields this year! 🎉 Tickets |… https://t.co/fGVDA7Nakg
Roger Sanchez 4 weeks ago:
Wow, what a vibe @magazine_ldn was on Saturday! Clockwork Orange always know how to throw a party, thanks to everyo… https://t.co/OPVR8hWPU9
Roger Sanchez 4 weeks ago:
Catch me playing at Retro In The Park in Burnley this 4th July! 🎉 Tickets | https://t.co/ig8mQMLkFT https://t.co/hfyjYWCmKj
Roger Sanchez 1 month ago:
So excited to get new toys from @PioneerDJglobal 😀 Thanks 2 @dvjlars & Dan Tait for sending this bad boy over!… https://t.co/pAMlT1msQ0

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