Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Moscow, Russian Federation
2007 official

Russian Federation



proff is an acclaimed DJ from Russian Federation

proff is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 2007 on the official DJ rankings list (

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PROFF 7 seconds ago:
Exactly my main argument:)
PROFF 5 hours ago:
You name it, i'll produce it:)
PROFF 1 day ago:
@crampmusic Любом, не большом)
PROFF 1 week ago:
@hunkEmusic @netflix It has that old-school 'everything is happening inside the ship' kind of vibe, with a dash of…
PROFF 1 week ago:
Another Life by @netflix is a solid sci-fi series, but the music editor did a hell of a job licensing all that bril…
PROFF 1 week ago:
Haha, yes, there is a topping:)
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
@minceyfresh @ThaStrake @abgrouptherapy @SilkMusic I did it as a special edit for the guest mix, but having all the…
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
RT @DalaiLama: Seeing how negative emotions lead to negative consequences can help us overcome them. Just as we can learn how helpful love…
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
RT @anjunabeats: [email protected]_Music delivers an hour of progressive heaters on this week's Anjunabeats Worldwide. Live now on…
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
@Darren55919050 Ask @anjunabeats , I think they know what to do about it:)
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
Thank you:)
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
@mad_substance Расскажи мне об этом, у феди в вороново отказали тормоза, доехал до мск без них:)
PROFF 2 weeks ago:
RT @tidyfool: Listening to Anjunabeats Worldwide 637 with PROFF by Anjunabeats on #SoundCloud @anjunabeats @PROFF_Music…
PROFF 3 weeks ago:
@GabrielNDresden @GarethJones1350 @darigold I've gitched for a moment with all these D&G, G&D and DG chocolate milk on top:)
PROFF 3 weeks ago:
RT @anjunabeats: Moscow's @PROFF_Music is in the mix on Anjunabeats Worldwide. His new double A-side 'For The Night / Another Try' is out n…
PROFF 3 weeks ago:
Hosting @anjunabeats worldwide today, tune in 20:)
PROFF 3 weeks ago:
RT @abgrouptherapy: 13. The closing track for last week’s @PROFF_Music guest mix ‘Another Try’ (Original Mix) (@anjunabeats). #ABGT https:/…
PROFF 3 weeks ago:
RT @KyauAndAlbert: 04 @PROFF_Music & EKSF 'For The Night' @Anjunabeats #EuphonicSessions #August2019
PROFF 3 weeks ago:
That was exposed a bit too soon, but I'm okay with that:) out on @SilkMusic this fall, I think:) thanks mate!
PROFF 4 weeks ago:
@Mr_Spyd3r @abgrouptherapy Спасибо большое, все хорошо) я просто попишу музыки ещё)

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