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    Genre:Drum & Bass
    Location:London, United Kingdom


United Kingdom



pendulum is excluded from The Official Global DJ Rankings. The decision to exclude was made by the jury. The decision was based on the data relating to the excluded artist, as well as a concern for fairness towards other ranked DJs.

The Official Global DJ Rankings' jury has decided to exclude Pendulum from the rankings list, because the band has officially disbanded. Though the brand still continues as a DJ set, we believe that a majority of the fans attributed to our algorithmic rankings is misrepresented. Rob Swire has definitively said that he has left the band, and being the main driving force behind the music and the popularity of the band (not the DJ set) we find it unreasonable to rank the DJ set accordingly. We certainly encourage DJ Paul "El Hornet" Harding to pursue a ranking under his own name or in collaboration with MC Verse, but we do not recognize the current status of the band Pendulum in their rankings, such as followers on major social networks, chart positions, record sales, and royalties. Pendulum was ranked 42nd at the time of the exclusion. Being excluded from the list does not mean that the Pendulum DJ set should not rightfully be ranked somewhere else on our TOP 1000 highest ranked DJs; in fact we believe they should; however, due to insufficient and flawed data we are currently unable to position the brand.

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Pendulum 8 years ago:
Pendulum have changed their username on Twitter and are now @Pendulum rather than @PendulumMusic

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