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    Genre:Hardcore / Hard Techno
    Location:Utrecht, Netherlands
297 official dj-rankings.com




noisecontrollers is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

noisecontrollers is performing within the field of Hardcore / Hard Techno music and is ranked 297 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Noisecontrollers 3 months ago:
Back at it! 🧡 See you tonight @Creamfields 🇬🇧 https://t.co/G5Jj5ZbZ7h
Noisecontrollers 4 months ago:
THANK YOU FOR ALL THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! ❤️ #41yearsold https://t.co/kWZZV97SRQ
Noisecontrollers 5 months ago:
GIMME LOVE SOUND RUSH REMIX 🔥 Full premiere at the @SoundRush_ Defqon set today at 18:00 CET. https://t.co/RTX8ji0nGE
Noisecontrollers 6 months ago:
OUT NOW! Youngblood with @SephyxOfficial 🩸🔥 Stream/download: https://t.co/eYxTuRQO38 https://t.co/AbsC4J5MnM
Noisecontrollers 6 months ago:
Two days! Youngblood with @SephyxOfficial is almost here 😍🩸 #artofcreation Pre-save now: https://t.co/eYxTuRQO38 https://t.co/8nTkfzNXB2
Noisecontrollers 6 months ago:
Waiting for our collab to be released like... ♟ Just 3 more days guys! 🩸 @SephyxOfficial #Youngblood #Artofcreation… https://t.co/LcabIKnmvn
Noisecontrollers 6 months ago:
Two styles combined into one track 🎸⚡️ Youngblood with @SephyxOfficial is out next Thursdayyyy You can pre-save it… https://t.co/V0kCaxIzD5
Noisecontrollers 6 months ago:
May 27th, Youngblood with @SephyxOfficial #artofcreation 🩸⚡️ https://t.co/8qsGzEK8Ij
Noisecontrollers 6 months ago:
It’s coming ⚡️🩸 @SephyxOfficial #artofcreation #youngblood https://t.co/JenUWKdEke
Noisecontrollers 7 months ago:
How about some new music soon? 🎶🔥 #artofcreation https://t.co/48l4FBds8N
Noisecontrollers 7 months ago:
Friends! You can watch my first set after more than a year tonight at 22:00 (CEST) 🙌🙌 Playing a bunch of new music… https://t.co/XKqqnxzTB5
Noisecontrollers 8 months ago:
Felt good to be on the road again last week 🏔🇫🇷 @EwaxFestival https://t.co/FaTEeixEku
Noisecontrollers 8 months ago:
Not so little anymore 😅 https://t.co/JSCmqFGtpH
Noisecontrollers 8 months ago:
After more than a year without releases I can finally say that my new track ‘They Pretend’ is OUT NOW! 🔥 Stream or… https://t.co/wIkbx2iRsF
Noisecontrollers 8 months ago:
2 DAYS! 💥 #TheyPretend 🔗 https://t.co/gGvwPieIzn https://t.co/d3rXF8ZF8d
Noisecontrollers 8 months ago:
My new single ‘They Pretend’ is coming March 25th 🔥 Make sure to pre-save it now! #artofcreation 🔗… https://t.co/w1qziXQ57G
Noisecontrollers 8 months ago:
THEY PRETEND, MARCH 25TH 💛 #artofcreation https://t.co/k3oYs9MjvR
Noisecontrollers 9 months ago:
THEY PRETEND... https://t.co/kwp6RntY3R
Noisecontrollers 9 months ago:
Heady playing ‘People Are Awesome’ at Qlimax back in 2019. This is the last solo track I released but not for long.… https://t.co/YbFT8Usyr0
Noisecontrollers 9 months ago:
Time to break the silence... https://t.co/L8rV3Kndos

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