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    Genre:House, Techno
    Location:London, United Kingdom
2118 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



mosca is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

mosca is performing within the field of House, Techno music and is ranked 2118 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Mosca 16 hours ago:
Andy Weatherall. That cuts deep
Mosca 20 hours ago:
Last Night The Moon Came Dropping Its Clothes In The Street
Mosca 22 hours ago:
@sl_comms thank u for the tip! bells on Queen Anne's Lace >>>
Mosca 3 days ago:
Discuss https://t.co/hQX0IXa8mK
Mosca 3 days ago:
@low_jack_mob Disgusting EP
Mosca 4 days ago:
Support one of the best record shops! https://t.co/hiiGaLPgGS
Mosca 5 days ago:
RT @jossymitsu: Couldn’t be happier to announce I’m one of @fivemileslondon residents this year !! 🥺✨ kicking off no.1 with @DeejayMosca @T…
Mosca 5 days ago:
@dillonwork This doesn't make any sense beyond your own weirdo interests. You've taken waaaayy too long on this
Mosca 5 days ago:
Fast and bulbous https://t.co/OyYPKWXR54
Mosca 6 days ago:
RT @SouthCircular_: 2 Weeks | @LightboxLondon Special Guest + 187 Lockdown @AirheadAirhead @ElB_Ghost Enchanted Rhythms @DeejayMosca @DJ…
Mosca 6 days ago:
East Man! Cecilia! Mosca! Energy! https://t.co/XfwNzGrVmf
Mosca 1 week ago:
Say yes https://t.co/1mV66Ow647
Mosca 1 week ago:
Not long to sign this https://t.co/SdY6kTCdMK https://t.co/OVNsn5Q27C
Mosca 1 week ago:
@franklindecosta Plus the 0PN sound did my head in. But glad I watched it. Netflix could be pushing worse stuff
Mosca 1 week ago:
@franklindecosta Felt Scorsese-ish in that none of the characters are very likeable and didn't moralise. Just a ske… https://t.co/2WQoX0t4sI
Mosca 1 week ago:
@lukehandsfree I've never had a panic attack but watching UG was the closest I came
Mosca 1 week ago:
This is a remix, not an new EP, so u can ignore it ;) https://t.co/OO40wljwax
Mosca 1 week ago:
Feel like I need about a week to lie down after Uncut Gems
Mosca 1 week ago:
@frozenreeds https://t.co/5MeSGy6Fla
Mosca 1 week ago:
@frozenreeds Ooh aye?

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