Genre:Dubstep, Electro House
    Location:New York, United States
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United States



ming is a professional DJ who is mainly working in

ming is performing within the field of Dubstep, Electro House music and is ranked 1529 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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MING 13 minutes ago:
There’s nothing social about social media.
MING 2 hours ago:
My Warmth #TrackofTheWeek in Ep. 168 is @iglesias_uk - Chubby (Original Mix) - @solasounds #music #techhouse… https://t.co/WS6FSUaw8x
MING 11 hours ago:
MING PRESENTS WARMTH - EP. 168 TRACK CHART is up on Beatport https://t.co/cpjeafDAkt #beatport via @beatport
MING 14 hours ago:
@redclaypines That sounds like the exact storyline of the Crew movie.
MING 2 days ago:
RT @shannonrwatts: Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t return the calls of @KimsMom3, a mother whose teen daughter was shot and killed inside a Santa Fe,…
MING 2 days ago:
TRKS from @anggerdimas @realstonebridge @elibrownbeats + more in Ep. 167 of my Warmth radio… https://t.co/WpPGeW5FrL
MING 2 days ago:
RT @benjaminbutter: Don’t know why people think kids learning about gay relationships in school will turn them gay. I learned about World W…
MING 2 days ago:
Space Photos of the Week: True Colors Shining Through https://t.co/m5U3JhT5D8 https://t.co/qBfyHD8aPl
MING 3 days ago:
RT @CapehartJ: People, and by people, I mean Democrats, do NOT lose your damn minds if/when the Mueller Report/conclusions do not lead to y…
MING 3 days ago:
@johnnyatab @WalshFreedom Personally, I think it will all fall w money laundering and tax evasion. He’ll ride out… https://t.co/dYkOZZl4UL
MING 3 days ago:
@johnnyatab @WalshFreedom Patience. Restless, we are. https://t.co/Z1hsj9YK7M
MING 3 days ago:
@johnnyatab @WalshFreedom What about the sealed indictments?
MING 3 days ago:
RT @NewYorkStateAG: I strongly urge U. S. Attorney General Barr to make the findings of the Mueller investigation public immediately. The…
MING 3 days ago:
RT @TravisAllen02: Mueller Investigation so far: 89 Criminal Indictments 24 Criminal Convictions 2 Prison Sentences All in under 2 years!…
MING 3 days ago:
TRKS from @djwillclark @saffronstone_ @needsnosleep_ + more in Ep. 167 of my Warmth radio https://t.co/wsJRr8xUWd… https://t.co/UHGzNbD9if
MING 3 days ago:
My wife and I were catching up on the last season of @GameOfThrones and we realized that we actually missed the las… https://t.co/g8u0nSnxoX
MING 4 days ago:
RT @NatGeo: The fossilized mother bird is now a paleontology milestone—and a newly described species https://t.co/AqqZ0GQXpu
MING 4 days ago:
RT @RepMaxineWaters: Right on,@gtconway3d! The facts are mounting. More and more psychiatrists describe #45 as detached from reality, volat…
MING 4 days ago:
RT @girlsreallyrule: Can you IMAGINE Hillary appointing Chelsea & her husband to an inside post, forcing though a undeserved clearance, the…
MING 4 days ago:
TRKS from @josh_parkinson @willobmusicc @inayaday + more in Ep. 167 of my Warmth radio https://t.co/wsJRr8xUWd… https://t.co/8qLDEheoUK

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