Genre:Progressive House, Techno
    Location:Bridport, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom



lee burridge has a many loyal fans in his home country

lee burridge is performing within the field of Progressive House, Techno music and is ranked 825 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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lee burridge 2 days ago:
Gin Ling Way is such a great spot to host @AllDayIDreamof, hope you managed to grab tix as it's now sold out. Gorje… https://t.co/JFGpdZM1lY
lee burridge 3 days ago:
@CTtherecluse Soon!
lee burridge 4 days ago:
RT @AllDayIDreamOf: San Francisco Dreamers - We are on our way back to Golden Gate Park and giddy from the excitement of hosting you all i…
lee burridge 4 days ago:
Myself and Lost Desert. On a couch. Smiling. True story...Oh, by the way, I can't wait to share some of our new mus… https://t.co/fCCBbdhfPZ
lee burridge 5 days ago:
After the epicness of last weekend I think one more is in order before Summer's end. I know it's ages away but hope… https://t.co/iWIs8TcRtL
lee burridge 6 days ago:
RT @AllDayIDreamOf: We all love a hug. We also love our HUG sign. Could who ever “borrowed” it please return it. Our lovely friend put a lo…
lee burridge 7 days ago:
Thank you New York weather for waiting to be shitty until the day after all day I dream
lee burridge 1 week ago:
Home at last. New York, New York. Dreaming time. See you later music lovers. Limited tickets remain:… https://t.co/jSIIcsFtDd
lee burridge 1 week ago:
I've been secretly testing out some of my new music in public recently (therefore not that "secretly" i guess). It'… https://t.co/J44ivU0lmR
lee burridge 1 week ago:
2 more days until we officially kick off the summer. See you on Sunday Brooklyn. Tickets: https://t.co/y947XTUCk8 https://t.co/0gcCCtELES
lee burridge 1 week ago:
RT @AllDayIDreamOf: Full swing into another shimmering summer season. Even the statues in Denver were feeling it at our Denver debut. https…
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
Balls! Well, ball. Bouncy beats and beach vibes inspired prop. OK, i'm an idiot who's easily amused. https://t.co/OnosefDW88
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
What ever happened to Lisa Williams
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
Proud to be bringing @AllDayIDreamOf to the ever amazing @ExitFestival this year with a special No Sleep Novi Sad s… https://t.co/rQWshKAmEl
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
RT @AllDayIDreamOf: See you this weekend Brooklyn! Tickets: https://t.co/c3pSuTPgn0 https://t.co/7STI7IPlad
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
I woke up like this ... opened my curtains in Chicago. See you later Denver for our first all day I dream. https://t.co/s0m0Ev7tTN
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
RT @AllDayIDreamOf: Today is your day Denver. All Day I Dream in the Mile High City. Magical and mysterious music guaranteed. Unfortunatel…
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
Today is the day Denver! Not only do it get to see you but also my buddies @hoj808 and @royrosenfeld. See you at Sc… https://t.co/eS5x2UFcXd
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
I love the super brown tooth (bottom right) in this dentist’s window https://t.co/Tow1pNo36E
lee burridge 2 weeks ago:
RT @AllDayIDreamOf: Just one more day to go until we land in Sculpture Park. We personally can't wait to get our groove on with all you Den…

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