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    Genre:Open Format
    Location:Atlanta, GA, United States
2419 official dj-rankings.com

United States



kontrol (us) has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

kontrol (us) is performing within the field of Open Format music and is ranked 2419 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🕹K0NTR0L🕹 3 days ago:
RT @LastWordPR: He is, and always will be, the King Of Crunk. 👑 #LILJON https://t.co/rQZUo4Su1u
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 4 days ago:
RT @JamesHYPE: I'm live streaming right now! https://t.co/zHLilokRCG #Stayhome #LiveStream #JamesHype
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 5 days ago:
☄️ Repost • @apexcrates Hundreds of new tracks were added to the site this week! Here’s 5 that the staff loves! DJs… https://t.co/uFPJnTjDuS
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 6 days ago:
New Exclusive going on @apexcrates this Friday repost • @apexcrates APEX Fam here’s what @djkontrol is cookin up fo… https://t.co/FoXNQBAyCZ
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 6 days ago:
RT @djburnone: here’s an excerpt from @gucci1017’s autobiography where I saved his life & taught him the mixtape game in the same night. li…
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 weeks ago:
🔊🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥 Repost • @apexcrates Tons of new music and lots of exclusives just added to the site! We got that 🔥 for your… https://t.co/nRWqghAIXU
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 weeks ago:
@djkrillz & I will be live-streaming our @Ableton Set TONIGHT! Follow our page trpmstr to join in on the fun! 9pm (… https://t.co/4rAY112FiU
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 weeks ago:
RT @RexChapman: Elsie is blind and she has never been to school. She lives in a small village in the Philippines. But OMG, listen to he…
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 weeks ago:
RT @DJBellaFiasco: Really appreciate everybody appreciating this. I recorded this mix right off a playlist I listen to everyday. Glad I can…
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 3 weeks ago:
Posted withregram • @apexcrates In times like this we are thankful to have music as an escape! We added lots of new… https://t.co/k5uH98cSjx
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 4 weeks ago:
RT @ApexCrates: Here’s the previews for the exclusive tracks available on Apex Crates! DJs grab them now! https://t.co/Ops1bJY9Na
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 4 weeks ago:
@ApexCrates ☄️
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 4 weeks ago:
RT @DJClarkKent: Still Hard To Live With.
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 4 weeks ago:
#RIPBIG March 9th Pack (@djkontrol): https://t.co/qNZ3s4WMEH
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 1 month ago:
RT @KyleKulinski: The video I tweeted of the media botching basic math has 12 million views. Biden’s obvious dementia has half a million. T…
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 1 month ago:
RT @ApexCrates: Here’s the previews for the exclusive tracks available on Apex Crates! DJs grab them now! https://t.co/l3Pr4Lq6fg
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 months ago:
RT @Steve1der: Just uploaded my first @Bandcamp edit. Ripple x @SpecialEd - I Made It Funky! Free Download, go grab that: https://t.co/JFs2…
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 months ago:
RT @KayaJones: I’m addicted to these kinds of videos. Anyone else feel me? https://t.co/sWmx6QxwhS
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 months ago:
#ripPopSmoke gone wayyyy too soon
🕹K0NTR0L🕹 2 months ago:
7 Albums to know me by: The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory Guns ‘N Ros… https://t.co/w2kxYUjru6

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