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    Location:Bristol, United Kingdom
177 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



koan sound is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

koan sound is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 177 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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KOAN Sound 6 hours ago:
@CloZeeOfficial good to connect at earth freq! safe travels onwards :)
KOAN Sound 17 hours ago:
We recent spoke with @viberate about our process, projects, shows ⁺ more. Thanks for the feature! Link below.… https://t.co/akmAToxPta
KOAN Sound 2 days ago:
Weekend no.1 ✔many thanks thanks to everyone who came out to see us! https://t.co/Gj5x9LFCg1
KOAN Sound 5 days ago:
Auckland! Our festival tomorrow night has been cancelled, but we're still coming! Check the replacement pop-up show… https://t.co/CH0JnbzeRH
KOAN Sound 5 days ago:
@CheesyLondon most important part
KOAN Sound 6 days ago:
@quogunderwater @bassnectar @illGatesMusic @Noisia_nl @commodomusic @SeppaUK @om_unit @AHundredDrums… https://t.co/FMnUXpZBCi
KOAN Sound 7 days ago:
Rounding the corner to the finish line of our next project. We're exploring new with this one. More details very so… https://t.co/aiIniUvsKs
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
Happy to announce we’ll be supporting Bassnectar at Freestyle Sessions 2020. Artist Presale: Wednesday, February 1… https://t.co/YAhfqqxZ8Q
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
🚥🚥 https://t.co/DLeLPBueKw
KOAN Sound 1 week ago:
We finally updated our playlist 'On Rotation' with music that we're listening to these days... will be updating thi… https://t.co/ctM2OZzhXM
KOAN Sound 2 weeks ago:
AUS / NZ we fly out on Monday! 🇳🇿🇳🇿 Can't wait to be back. Check the link in our bio for details. SEE YOU SOON ✌️ https://t.co/7rTAm1Ng1O
KOAN Sound 2 weeks ago:
Coming back to Boomtown Fair this year! https://t.co/2txSj4tMTh
KOAN Sound 2 weeks ago:
@ekclemusic @WeAreFocusrite prophet 6!
KOAN Sound 2 weeks ago:
Long blog post about that here: https://t.co/hlYN5o8XIT https://t.co/WFtoL85ACb
KOAN Sound 2 weeks ago:
All about the hardware - we use two Scarlett 18i20 audio interfaces for our live show, courtesy of @WeAreFocusrite… https://t.co/IN7KgewsEQ
KOAN Sound 3 weeks ago:
@RASENllllllll debatable
KOAN Sound 3 weeks ago:
@scripzure choose your own acronym
KOAN Sound 3 weeks ago:
@Shivabadola https://t.co/O6IaJzWARa
KOAN Sound 3 weeks ago:
Fun fact: before KOAN Sound, we used to call ourselves 'Bristol Rootical Ninja Soundsystem' And we didn't even have a sound system.🔇
KOAN Sound 3 weeks ago:
@LukeRyanFarmer sure!

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