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    Location:Philadelphia, PA, United States
2917 official dj-rankings.com

United States



king britt is an acclaimed DJ from United States

king britt is performing within the field of House music and is ranked 2917 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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KingBritt 4 hours ago:
RT @questlove: While editing @SummerOfSoul & djn at my #WreckaStow from the orchard I was quarantining last year i wrote my 6th book. It co…
KingBritt 4 hours ago:
@djmarkfarina My 10th grade right there in a nutshell
KingBritt 5 hours ago:
RT @rogerwaters: I’m so happy, finally a keeper. https://t.co/48pp2IBGhs
KingBritt 8 hours ago:
RT @Chavezsayz: "Nothing is more valueless & wasteful than time with someone who doesn't see your worth."
KingBritt 9 hours ago:
@215tayyib @LittleGiantLGC @ujustgotirvd One of the best shows ever there
KingBritt 12 hours ago:
@howiebpoems Wow ….saw the Separate Ways tour… phenomenal
KingBritt 12 hours ago:
RT @RockTheBells: Sunday's @verzuzonline battle featuring @IAMKRSOne and @bigdaddykane is about to make a lotta people remember the titans.…
KingBritt 12 hours ago:
Darkest Hour by @xeniarubinos hits me hard. Need the multi tracks my dear …..
KingBritt 12 hours ago:
Did Steve Perry write the new Adele…. Reminds me of Journey. Actually want to hear steve sing it
KingBritt 12 hours ago:
@valvacante @gillespeterson @BBC6Music ♥️
KingBritt 13 hours ago:
RT @vijayiyer: This is only up for a limited time. Have a listen while you can! Headphones 🎧 suggested ✨
KingBritt 13 hours ago:
@AndrewPlewe @OtherMindsSF Good question. I have this book which truly goes deep in https://t.co/Q9h6kYcrhT From 6… https://t.co/lzmZjBGoiV
KingBritt 13 hours ago:
@nickstweetbot @gillespeterson @BBC6Music Thank you…. Mixed by Andrew Munsey and mastered by @hebakadryy
KingBritt 13 hours ago:
Thanks @gillespeterson for debuting the King Britt & Tyshawn Sorey project today on @BBC6Music …. Album drops Frida… https://t.co/gZkLdli8Eh
KingBritt 14 hours ago:
@DaMFunK @AppleMusic Awesome. Always wanted one of those hahaha
KingBritt 15 hours ago:
@hotpeasandbutta @AmericanAir Wow 🤦🏾‍♂️
KingBritt 15 hours ago:
@Tacumasong @denardocoleman @gcalvinweston Truly!
KingBritt 16 hours ago:
RT @hotpeasandbutta: RIP Alan Hawkshaw. Legendary library music producer and composer. #KPM #TheMohawks https://t.co/IIaRdIaZJ0
KingBritt 16 hours ago:
@DaMFunK @AppleMusic Please tell me you still have this radio 👊🏾
KingBritt 18 hours ago:
RT @JohnChacona: Tyshawn Sorey and @kingbritt bring the thunder to close Day 2 of @OtherMindsSF https://t.co/Ybk61EF1XI

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