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    Genre:Electro House
    Location:Toronto, ON, Canada
3868 official dj-rankings.com




jelo is an acclaimed DJ from Canada

jelo is performing within the field of Electro House music and is ranked 3868 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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JELO 15 hours ago:
new game for beer or bong. Each time I say “Uh” on Utility Room take a shot or pull.
JELO 18 hours ago:
Memes are proof that the bootleg remix culture won. Original content purpose is to seed the remix. The effort is th… https://t.co/7kx29HExVJ
JELO 18 hours ago:
Coffee. Sipped until that last tenth of the mug and then it’s chug a lug.
JELO 19 hours ago:
JELO 1 day ago:
did a roller with flutes. didn’t see it coming. it happened. onwards to the sleep.
JELO 1 day ago:
Happy Hanukkah !
JELO 2 days ago:
JELO 2 days ago:
JELO 3 days ago:
@ANDYC_ram #Toronto RN https://t.co/kg5GthDmq2
JELO 4 days ago:
RT @martymcflythedj: Last nights twitch chat was the best. I was on daddy duty. We chatted about @URutilityroom & played dope breakbeats of…
JELO 4 days ago:
Utility Room is reality TV
JELO 5 days ago:
@mjacobsen2023 Coffee Up. Let’s go
JELO 5 days ago:
everyone under this roof is still sleeping while I’m working on my album and my ear pods battery failed so now I’m… https://t.co/aS8q22VEXJ
JELO 5 days ago:
feels like a special time when Locked Club releases new music
JELO 6 days ago:
sharing links and ideas on these platforms makes social media the middle man
JELO 6 days ago:
after all these years and opportunities Siri is mediocre
JELO 6 days ago:
@datsunnmusic @goldieawards @NI_News Fantastic!
JELO 6 days ago:
breakthroughs writing tracks feeling nffffffffffffffffffucking great
JELO 7 days ago:
We are back tonight ! https://t.co/6jrf8BUTtt
JELO 7 days ago:
@_DaniKalifornia indica fiends

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