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    Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Atlanta, GA, United States
13727 official dj-rankings.com

United States



jay envy is a DJ from United States

jay envy is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 13727 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Jay Envy 2 hours ago:
@Numark dope to see you guys adding scratch banks to your controller but shouldn’t you guys also add it to your scr… https://t.co/eDa8ev2nVi
Jay Envy 17 hours ago:
@RealSethMatic Bruh let me give you a prison face tatt.
Jay Envy 17 hours ago:
Learning to stop relying on other people and doing it myself.
Jay Envy 1 day ago:
RT @KDxTraexPitts: Trae Young vs Steph Curry this year Points - Trae Assists - Trae FG% - Trae 3pt% - Trae Do with this information what…
Jay Envy 4 days ago:
@MACTurnUp 😭🤣
Jay Envy 4 days ago:
Based on my crypto portfolio right Imma need someone to let me hold $20 for for a week while I apply for food stamps.
Jay Envy 5 days ago:
aka Mr. Im So Gone Im In Another Atmosphere Ass Boy. https://t.co/va5ZAMK7jb
Jay Envy 6 days ago:
@djtrayze I’ll take that over holding controllers in the middle of the street in 2021.
Jay Envy 6 days ago:
As a DJ in 2022, you gotta have serato, ableton, photoshop, lightroom, premiers, ig, Twitter, TikTok… you can’t eve… https://t.co/NYaoezkS1D
Jay Envy 6 days ago:
@djwallysparks My favorite was Ginuwine’s 550 what? From the first album. Shouted out the label and then every sing… https://t.co/t9yE1Q2GP8
Jay Envy 6 days ago:
@djweaponz @C_Will @abehyde Why do you hate me?
Jay Envy 6 days ago:
Starting my bday week off with a Jay Envy vs @abehyde turn up battle on 2/12. 🔥 #FriendsWithEnvy
Jay Envy 7 days ago:
@retrosince87 Done!
Jay Envy 1 week ago:
@djwallysparks Sponsored by gazook and Spencer’s.
Jay Envy 1 week ago:
@C_Will Always.
Jay Envy 1 week ago:
About five years too late, but finally getting new headshots today. I don’t even look like the guy on these flyers anymore.
Jay Envy 1 week ago:
@djweaponz Wouldn’t be on probation if I just went home. 😭
Jay Envy 1 week ago:
RT @TheTallBianca: Unknown Artist - Track 01.wma
Jay Envy 1 week ago:
@DJSCOOTERMUSIC Surprised but not really. I’m playing way more Gunna than anything from The Weeknd’s album. Though I am in Atlanta. Lol
Jay Envy 1 week ago:
@DJSCOOTERMUSIC Agreed, but also maybe this Weeknd album was too ahead of the curve for the casual fans.

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