Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:London, United Kingdom
1895 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



james holden is an acclaimed DJ from United Kingdom

james holden is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 1895 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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ᵏᵗⁿ 7 hours ago:
@FoxStevensonNow i've been typing and retyping a tweet for this, cause ive been thinking about it a lot, instead im… https://t.co/Z3XJpqkgTg
ᵏᵗⁿ 8 hours ago:
The artists I look up to give me something to believe in besides… them
ᵏᵗⁿ 11 hours ago:
@bossfightswe @synldn_uk @ministryofsound @Zomboy @Fluxpavilion this party really is the place to be
ᵏᵗⁿ 1 day ago:
RT @tayl291: If you see me headbanging while running at the gym it’s cause I’m listening to crank by @killthenoise
ᵏᵗⁿ 1 day ago:
@letsshoplift 😂😂
ᵏᵗⁿ 1 day ago:
@tordenstrike i believe in you - no downside to give it a try
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@AndreOwuor @BERGHIEDUB @ProximityM All I can say is, I’ve been around for a while and have had the opportunity to… https://t.co/tTIIylsBKR
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@AndreOwuor @BERGHIEDUB @ProximityM LOL!!!
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
It’s actually wild how many people are already dm clips on the remix contest I dunno how people work so fast but I’… https://t.co/J7k6yUDanb
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@BERGHIEDUB @ProximityM To me EDM is more of a cultural movement than a sound, it is very similar to “electronica”… https://t.co/NhkXAo6c7Q
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@BERGHIEDUB @ProximityM So for example, one wouldn’t necessarily think of Kevin saunderson as an EDM act. Although… https://t.co/EX5kqGqfwC
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@BERGHIEDUB @ProximityM The point is, buzzwords get thrown around and peoples identity and history get lost in the… https://t.co/SgMvHW71DY
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@GlobalPopStar @ProximityM Definitely
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@BERGHIEDUB @ProximityM Really? I think the distinction is important because let’s face it electronic music means d… https://t.co/OF2vLqIJEW
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@Quantopix_music thats me
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
my son wore a metallica t-shirt and rode his skateboard to school for his first day of first grade, but then cried… https://t.co/XNPahgVmo6
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@joncaseybeats Whatever era we are in now, I wouldn’t call edm, it’s more niche and fractured. Def post edm era now imo
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@ProximityM I feel some of the most influential records of all time in electronic music.. it would be like things… https://t.co/cIRQgjYOQf
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@joncaseybeats Depends on two things, define edm, and then what do you mean by big, big as in mass appeal or big as… https://t.co/UTaDJHoQ0R
ᵏᵗⁿ 2 days ago:
@vindata @ProximityM If we talkin about the last decade i would lump justice and daft punk together for french infl… https://t.co/ywDkcmtxpH



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