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    Location:Oxford, United Kingdom
5000 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



hyper is a DJ from United Kingdom

hyper is performing within the field of Breaks music and is ranked 5000 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Hyper 5 hours ago:
@susanorlean Nope! Happy holidays!
Hyper 7 hours ago:
I haven’t finished it yet, but ‘The Library Book’ by @susanorlean is just so enjoyable, I thought I’d say so! 🖤
Hyper 1 day ago:
‘Flatline’ music video still. If you haven’t see full video yet, check it out!! 🖤👊🎼💉 link in bio. #cyberpunkep… https://t.co/nKlbNovxXl
Hyper 2 days ago:
@MatDanks666 If you can’t spell, the suggestion is that reading may present something of a problem too. Are you going by philms?
Hyper 4 days ago:
Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch today to say I was there most played artist of the year on spotify. Your sup… https://t.co/g7Jb6MOaJK
Hyper 4 days ago:
Thanks to everyone who’s been in touch today to say I was there most played artist of the year on spotify. Your sup… https://t.co/NxZtlTmWxV
Hyper 4 days ago:
@fabriclondon is 20 years old!! That’s insane. Played some awesome shows in that club...
Hyper 4 days ago:
RT @OkamiSP: My 2019 top. Spoiler by @djhyper everyday to keep @CyberpunkGame hype high https://t.co/05de7v24MI
Hyper 5 days ago:
@badtaxidermy L A D! https://t.co/l2Id0AWYic
Hyper 1 week ago:
Catching up for dinner with main Hyper collaborator @Ronnieracket7 and chums.. Best meal I’ve had in ages thepotkil… https://t.co/HvSfgy5XkS
Hyper 2 weeks ago:
When you wake up in a straightjacket! 🖤👊🎼 #lols #flatline #cyberpunkep #smallworlds @ Seattle, Washington https://t.co/6ZmlWowokH
Hyper 2 weeks ago:
@_HEALTH_ 12...? 😂
Hyper 2 weeks ago:
Couple of shots from the other weeks ‘Resonate’ party in Orlando. 🖤👊🎼#resonate #hyper #ontour @ Orlando, Florida https://t.co/GZabQsASV5
Hyper 3 weeks ago:
Hyper music featured on this new trailer for ‘Gotham’ season finale.. https://t.co/NB2Lun5D1b
Hyper 3 weeks ago:
Anyone been watching #dublinmurders ? Recurring graffiti and message... ‘He Rises’. Reminded me of this track from… https://t.co/l2Qwjc7jKV
Hyper 3 weeks ago:
@No1_Brooks I might be a safer better bet than current candidates..
Hyper 3 weeks ago:
My house getting a new straw roof! Hasn’t been done for over 40 years, cannot wait to see it done. Built 1590, in m… https://t.co/z5t8rjN5gj
Hyper 3 weeks ago:
RT @kevinathow: And this on today's #SundayRoast - Gesaffelstein eat your heart out… 💣☠️💣 Hold Together - DJ Hyper Remix by Bullet Height @…
Hyper 3 weeks ago:
Trailer for awesome upcoming indie film, ‘Lemonheads’. Music on it ain’t bad either;) #seattle #lemonheads #spoiler… https://t.co/lrzured0US
Hyper 4 weeks ago:
Enough is enough! I need a proper sausage sandwich! See you Thursday morning London!

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