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    Location:Oxford, United Kingdom
5000 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



hyper is a DJ from United Kingdom

hyper is performing within the field of Breaks music and is ranked 5000 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Hyper 17 hours ago:
@TruthIsButASin https://t.co/tluSed1rwo right here my friend. 🖤🎼👊
Hyper 20 hours ago:
New music in the game also. 👍🖤👊🎼 https://t.co/Tt9HALK3H1
Hyper 1 day ago:
Here is the full trailer for the premier of the ‘Hyper Scape’ video game! Bespoke music by Hyper. ‘A Darker Secret’… https://t.co/ZLxX4feQpO
Hyper 2 days ago:
RT @MattBowdler: Coming very soon... https://t.co/c9Z0Wfmp8O
Hyper 3 days ago:
RT @UbisoftMusic: Hey guys!🎶Looking for a cool futuristic playlist? Check out the Hyper Scape Official Playlist on Spotify: https://t.co/3L…
Hyper 3 days ago:
@MattBowdler I think you’ll look rather fetching..
Hyper 4 days ago:
@MattBowdler Head Of The River?
Hyper 4 days ago:
This features my track ‘Clockwork’. Go have a look see 🖤👊😬 https://t.co/6zUUZkcSlK
Hyper 4 days ago:
RT @PrinceM0n0: The song during Hyper-Scape was Clockwork By @djhyper https://t.co/ZbmA1hPGlf #UbisoftForward
Hyper 4 days ago:
RT @UbisoftMusic: 🎧How cool was that Hyper Scape CGI Trailer? Curious about the music?🎧Stream/Download the single "A Darker Secret" origina…
Hyper 4 days ago:
About time he did..;) https://t.co/RGU21PU24h
Hyper 4 days ago:
@Drjennog @HyperScapeGame Aaaand ....away week go! 👊
Hyper 5 days ago:
Haha! I can live with that!;)🖤 https://t.co/gp5wzkKIO3
Hyper 6 days ago:
@richiepap Who knows... haven’t done so for some time now but I’m not against the idea at the moment..👍🖤🎼👊
Hyper 6 days ago:
Tune!! 😂👍🖤👊😗 https://t.co/aMpAtIqUy8
Hyper 7 days ago:
@OneTakeJack 🙏
Hyper 7 days ago:
Tune!!! 😂👍🖤👊🎼 https://t.co/aMpAtIqUy8
Hyper 7 days ago:
@Aidan_Byrne You couldn’t be more right. That made me smile. Instant Backlash support Venom. THIS THURSDAY @ The Wheatsheaf.
Hyper 7 days ago:
@Aidan_Byrne Also a new band name..
Hyper 7 days ago:
@Aidan_Byrne Instant backlash

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