Genre:commercial dance
    Location:Bournemouth, United Kingdom
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United Kingdom



funtcase is an outstanding DJ who has proven a succesful brand on the international scene

funtcase is performing within the field of commercial dance music and is ranked 316 on the official DJ rankings list (

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FuntCase | DPMO 60 minutes ago:
@AVGFree how many times do I have to set an app as an exemption and report it as safe before you guys actually set it so????
FuntCase | DPMO 1 hour ago:
@DeadlineDayLive @MailSport
FuntCase | DPMO 2 hours ago:
@DJFreshUK @j3nnag Bloody hell been together a long time too 😂
FuntCase | DPMO 4 hours ago:
@macaiyla All because of the sauce on the burger huh
FuntCase | DPMO 22 hours ago:
Very important video:
FuntCase | DPMO 22 hours ago:
@subdotmission Don’t forget the Haze late night set 🫡
FuntCase | DPMO 22 hours ago:
@whatshisphace I have! Even met a few of them on their tour bus, was crazy
FuntCase | DPMO 24 hours ago:
I push my fingers into my…
FuntCase | DPMO 1 day ago:
@iamthajakes @HENCH_RECS You know I’m fully here for this
FuntCase | DPMO 1 day ago:
@SkelectaUK @iamthajakes @HENCH_RECS 100000000000%
FuntCase | DPMO 1 day ago:
RT @iamthajakes: Hello. My name is Jakes I'm a top-flight dnb m.c who came into dubstep and fucked shit up! My label @HENCH_RECS was one…
FuntCase | DPMO 1 day ago:
@cromatikdubz @bossmanakirah Yeah I mean there’s probably a few that went with that sound from monsters
FuntCase | DPMO 2 days ago:
And what a signing he was
FuntCase | DPMO 2 days ago:
@bossmanakirah Oh yeah Ofcourse. We all know there should be a ton more recognition given to a bunch of names who w…
FuntCase | DPMO 2 days ago:
@bossmanakirah That’s obviously true. But the square 4 sound I feel was pioneered by him and that’s left an unbelie…
FuntCase | DPMO 2 days ago:
@chefboyarteen Check the letter missing from the dubste
FuntCase | DPMO 2 days ago:
Couldn’t manage to stay awake for Edwards Vs Usman last night but damn he really did it! I know Colby is logically…
FuntCase | DPMO 2 days ago:
@cheflapodgirl I mean I came in in 2009 so my knowledge doesn’t actually extend back past that time so wouldn’t be a very good convo ahahaha
FuntCase | DPMO 3 days ago:
@HStverak You wot mate
FuntCase | DPMO 3 days ago:
@mirrimg Well I’ve had this name since the beta and it’s been fine till now so I guess I’m not good lol



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