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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
1064 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



funkagenda has managed to establish a career as a trustworthy DJ delivering an impeccable performance at every event

funkagenda is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 1064 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 6 hours ago:
Also, can we focus for a second on this “journalist” who seems to think that “Americans need to know date certain”… https://t.co/RRNVV0hw67
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 6 hours ago:
This is just essentially “I want to speak to the manager of Covid-19!” Does privilege come ANY dumber than this?… https://t.co/rMteLmIi3B
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 7 hours ago:
I feel attacked... https://t.co/e4s2KEL70d
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 16 hours ago:
Posted by a former trump supporter... #nailedit https://t.co/pTYQxLBwHm
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 1 day ago:
April 1st is off to a great start: https://t.co/fcJBKVSZg2?
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
Vegan Pork Milanese with Whole-wheat Spaghetti - Homemade Vegan Pork + Homemade Pasta Sauce! https://t.co/vcZAdLsver
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
Looking sharp... https://t.co/c5w0GQyXxe
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
Gonna turn these badboys into Vegan Pork Milanese with Wholemeal Spaghetti... https://t.co/2E3cUvJs6q
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
Making my own vegan pork... https://t.co/jzSlsEADez
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
RT @Crazzyintheusa: Meanwhile at Walmart. https://t.co/KHTXJJRQ9G
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
What is in that head of his... Cuz I’m betting Asbestos. It’s Asbestos isn’t it... https://t.co/YIGZARRDES
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@LaidbackLuke 100 times more productive weirdly. Music has become my sole focus + my soul’s focus again.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
Oh wow, last nights Good Doctor... #feels
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@rickaysurvive ...working, people need to stay home until everyone who is gonna catch it has caught it. Crazy but true.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@rickaysurvive Don't be surprised if you have to do that too mate. With the incubation period being 14 days and man… https://t.co/dnWqU0tvwp
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
@rickaysurvive Pretty much the same here. They have said 3 months as of Monday last week.
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 2 days ago:
It’s March 52nd + lockdown be like... https://t.co/Q8qXEM4xeW
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 3 days ago:
You know when lockdown is driving you a little mad, when you have sat on the toilet watching skincare tips from Thanos...
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 5 days ago:
@seanvz86 They are my favorites :)
🦠😷CORO-NO-YOU-DIDN’T😷🦠 5 days ago:
Missing India today so I made my very own Idli Sambar for lunch! #hornokplease https://t.co/WzclGMj17j

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