Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
1060 official

United Kingdom



funkagenda is an acclaimed DJ from United Kingdom

funkagenda is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 1060 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Funkagenda 6 hours ago:
RT @nyjets: Happy Passover from the Jets!
Funkagenda 6 hours ago:
It’s been a while... #modularsynth
Funkagenda 10 hours ago:
RT @misslaneym: Chick for Easter that lasted zero seconds
Funkagenda 16 hours ago:
RT @shellbeerock: The Office characters as dogs, a thread: Toby
Funkagenda 1 day ago:
@Florian_SVRS Very affordable actually. If I sold the whole lot, I couldn’t get a decent car with The proceeds.
Funkagenda 1 day ago:
@pitchm0d Top monitor (I assume you mean the big one) isn’t angled at all. It is straight.
Funkagenda 1 day ago:
RT @Fred_Delicious: Sigur Monica Sigur Phoebe Sigur Rachel Sigur Joey Sigur Chandler Sigur Rós
Funkagenda 1 day ago:
Simple but effective setup...
Funkagenda 1 day ago:
@StuVeaney I think of you check, this is one of my tracks from almost 9 years ago.
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
Something is happening...
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
RT @Fred_Delicious: Can everyone just stop getting trapped in caves for like 5 minutes
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
RT @KrangTNelson: they’re gonna fuck the bees
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
RT @nyjets: Blow in the cartridge. Insert the Rumble Pak. Dial up Da Bomb. It's 2019 schedule release, NFL Blitz style! 🎮…
Funkagenda 2 days ago:
RT @TheOnion: Arizona Iced Tea Unveils New 4-Foot-Tall Cans
Funkagenda 3 days ago:
RT @MyDudes_:
Funkagenda 3 days ago:
RT @mp4dealer:
Funkagenda 3 days ago:
I’ve decided that I want my headstone to be in Comic Sans.
Funkagenda 3 days ago:
It’s all very pink in the Funk Farm tonight...
Funkagenda 4 days ago:
RT @MarvelStudios: “We have a chance to take it all back.” Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame is in theaters in 10 days. Get your tickets now.
Funkagenda 6 days ago:
RT @AnthonyHopkins: Fun memories on set of Thor... Happy Saturday everyone. #Marvel #Thor #Disney #Odin 📸: @juanmiguel_pfa…

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