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    Genre:House, Progressive House
    Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom
1064 official dj-rankings.com

United Kingdom



funkagenda is an acclaimed DJ from United Kingdom

funkagenda is performing within the field of House, Progressive House music and is ranked 1064 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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☣️Funkagenda☣️ 37 minutes ago:
RT @SamGrittner: Today marks 6 months sober after my relapse last year. Going back into recovery and staying there remains the best decisio…
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 4 hours ago:
https://t.co/DVOiaC47Da https://t.co/tksMEYT7I5
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 4 hours ago:
@ascendingcarl Like ever?
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 4 hours ago:
@TealeCoco 👏 👏 👏
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 6 hours ago:
@AuschwitzMuseum @Baddiel There is a chrome extension called Hola that should allow to you change your location to UK and watch it x
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 6 hours ago:
Fantastic investigation into possibly one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories of not just our, but ANY time.… https://t.co/tdsClumbi5
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 13 hours ago:
The love I need but will probably never deserve... https://t.co/ePrUT9xsL9
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 day ago:
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 day ago:
RT @thismorning: For today’s phone-in, @emmakennytv is taking calls on living with anxiety or depression. If you'd like some advice, pleas…
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 day ago:
An attempt was made to do police stuff... https://t.co/FzkM2O5AhQ
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 4 days ago:
If you don’t have anyone to love... If you lost someone close... If you feel like nobody loves you... Try to love… https://t.co/xw0LmGQYme
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 6 days ago:
BRB just bawling my eyes out watching “A Star Is Born” again...
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 6 days ago:
RT @MyDudes_: https://t.co/mP7sgQfynQ
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 6 days ago:
Wow. Shocker. https://t.co/rSSGH2VlFF
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 6 days ago:
Not even fucking with you, my postman’s name is Pat... https://t.co/byMQa0n0Ix
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 7 days ago:
10 albums to know me by: Prince Purple Rain Stevie Wonder Songs In The Key Of Life Orbital In Sides Sasha + Digweed… https://t.co/el39c2NQ3U
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
A word to people who ask dumbass questions: Brie Larson is literally everything Captain Marvel embodies. https://t.co/FP3z1Z6Io5
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
Case in point: Meg White from the White Stripes can’t drum for shit. She’s terrible. However I love the White Strip… https://t.co/yXJPk9Zl1D
☣️Funkagenda☣️ 1 week ago:
If you hear mistakes in the production IE clicks, out of time vocals, things in the wrong key etc etc THEN you can… https://t.co/ak4JOJh0tT

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