Genre:Progressive House, Trance
    Location:Nottingham, United Kingdom
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dave seaman is a world famous DJ who has global recognition

dave seaman is performing within the field of Progressive House, Trance music and is ranked 120 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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Dave Seaman 13 hours ago:
Greetings from beautiful St. Petersburg. I’ve had my Borscht and Stolichny salad and I’m ready for tonight’s party… https://t.co/PLK0bTXYfO
Dave Seaman 2 days ago:
RT @thegalleryclub: [email protected] in the @Ministry_Club 103 room on Jun 14 - @daveseaman & @SteveParryDJ all night long. https://t.co/dJ9p2…
Dave Seaman 2 days ago:
My brand new Radio Therapy podcast has landed featuring hot new music from Adam Beyer, Super Flu, Yousef, Christian… https://t.co/8uI3k7ptFe
Dave Seaman 2 days ago:
New show "Sincopat Radio Show #260 - Dave Seaman" up now at https://t.co/VdtDmqaIQ4 Check it out now!
Dave Seaman 2 days ago:
Uploaded "Radio Therapy Broadcast - May 2019" to @mixcloud https://t.co/nrlBbZHdvf listen now!
Dave Seaman 2 days ago:
What a line up!! 👊😎 https://t.co/SWU2eImUDz
Dave Seaman 2 days ago:
@simomean Ha! 🤪
Dave Seaman 2 days ago:
RT @ella_njoymusic: Powerful #electronica #djmix #mixtape #podcast '@daveseaman - @SincopatMusic Podcast 260'!! https://t.co/RjKdMdmfMP
Dave Seaman 3 days ago:
RT @DecodedMag: #Feature #Interview - “@daveseaman and I always have a list of remixers that we like and that we would like to remix for th…
Dave Seaman 3 days ago:
@sparramx 😂🤣
Dave Seaman 3 days ago:
@noelmeehan1 Yes, May 31st mate. Sure, remind me next Friday 👍
Dave Seaman 3 days ago:
@richardboxy Yep! #alaw
Dave Seaman 3 days ago:
RT @SportsBreakfast: If one David Seaman wasn’t enough... DJ @DaveSeaman joins @TheDavidSeaman on air shortly 😂 🤷‍♂️ https://t.co/AYsRgJW…
Dave Seaman 3 days ago:
Up bright and early this morning to appear as a guest on the Talk Sport Radio Breakfast Show with David Seaman (th… https://t.co/WCUwxcnUD9
Dave Seaman 3 days ago:
NEW MIX INCOMING: My exclusive set for Sincopat Radio has just uploaded to Soundcloud featuring the likes of D-Nox,… https://t.co/0NNgA1GXEC
Dave Seaman 4 days ago:
A wonderful weekend in New York. Big thanks to the Ebb & Flow crew for hosting me on their boat party. What a perfe… https://t.co/2LbuwR22RC
Dave Seaman 5 days ago:
Obligatory Englishman in New York shot 😎🗽📸 If you’re in town, the Ebb & Flow Boat sets sail at 6pm sharp on the Cir… https://t.co/EBcyA4r5oF
Dave Seaman 6 days ago:
Always such a buzz to be back in New York. I lived in here for a year in the late 90s although it feels like a life… https://t.co/jM6U41vQ9f
Dave Seaman 7 days ago:
Taking my trusty new companion for its first spin today and probably more excited about that fact than I really sho… https://t.co/PiDYrldU0a
Dave Seaman 1 week ago:
Spring into Summer. Tour Dates 😎✈️🇺🇸🇨🇳🇷🇺🇲🇨🇬🇧 #ontour #frequentflyer • Check website in bio for full details☝️ • •… https://t.co/VlSKdIJ7qC

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