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    Genre:Tech House, Techno
    Location:Carnoustie, United Kingdom
    Date of birth:1981-07-22
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United Kingdom



DaGeneral is a DJ that has enjoyed rocking dance floors all over the UK since the late 90s. On the production front DaGeneral has had various tracks signed on some prolific labels across the globe, including his collaboration’s with Moggi on General Surgery Records. DaGeneral has been gaining support from various known artists including: Skober, Alen Milivojevic, Joe Mesmar, Joseph Capriati, Dualitik, Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Lisa Lashes and many many more.

dageneral is 40 years old, and his zodiac is Cancer.

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DaGeneral 1 day ago:
@ScottishPitbull @CRACKDCoffee Thanks buddy
DaGeneral 2 days ago:
Great birthday drinks! Better company was awesome! Xxxx #birthday #friends #fun #loved #beer #drinking #weekendmood… https://t.co/X6hAm3y0HB
DaGeneral 3 days ago:
RT @MadeinGB2013: Sip sip #gin #gin follow @TheTigerGin #London from @MadeinGB2013 🇬🇧 https://t.co/iFlF0JXq7L
DaGeneral 3 days ago:
@_Haddz Thanks bro
DaGeneral 4 days ago:
@CRACKDCoffee @scottishrebel67 & @SykoPlayz & @fletch1002
DaGeneral 5 days ago:
@fletch1002 @SnappyShopperUK @smoothmyballs @HelloHeadphone @CRACKDCoffee @NatzX27 @AnthraxOnTwitch… https://t.co/xQOzHixOGO
DaGeneral 6 days ago:
@ThreeDinosaurs @blueamazon1 @dascottishginge @TheRealColstar @DayDreamerR_x @Edizzzle13 @TrebbleAngel @Blindedxbl… https://t.co/7X2QTbyWEp
DaGeneral 6 days ago:
@ThreeDinosaurs @blueamazon1 @dascottishginge @TheRealColstar @DayDreamerR_x @Edizzzle13 @TrebbleAngel @Blindedxbl… https://t.co/8lb0nIZVP4
DaGeneral 7 days ago:
@CRACKDCoffee @TRUEinIRE @SnappyShopperUK @smoothmyballs @HelloHeadphone @NatzX27 @AnthraxOnTwitch @imbuzzchristmas… https://t.co/W0pB1RhJBb
DaGeneral 7 days ago:
RT @CRACKDCoffee: @dageneraldj @TRUEinIRE @SnappyShopperUK @smoothmyballs @HelloHeadphone @NatzX27 @AnthraxOnTwitch @imbuzzchristmas @dflet…
DaGeneral 7 days ago:
@TRUEinIRE I used to turn it off
DaGeneral 7 days ago:
@TRUEinIRE @SnappyShopperUK @smoothmyballs @HelloHeadphone @CRACKDCoffee @NatzX27 @AnthraxOnTwitch @imbuzzchristmas… https://t.co/pt8YteBcbs
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
@ChivalrousRogue @HarrisHeller @StormBreakerTV @Zero_Helix @NurseStew @AyyItsChevy @ViolentRae @WujnoTTV… https://t.co/lyEufLfZnO
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
@Meta4Q Exactly how I feel today :)
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
And I can’t forget these awesome people thanks x : @Super_Kaath @KeithKeithdaly @ChivalrousRogue @ItzNehpetS… https://t.co/4i1u9jaHYi
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
And much love to: @blueamazon1 @dascottishginge @TheRealColstar @DayDreamerR_x @Edizzzle13 @ThreeDinosaurs… https://t.co/yZ2opAtmoE
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
With my 40th coming a little bit of reflection! So honoured to have so much support - much love x #twitchaffiliate… https://t.co/G2egiO3kKL
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
@SmokeyzjShow @MrsSmokeyz Have a great day!
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
Check out Alan Lumley's video! #TikTok https://t.co/FU1m3tFUMB
DaGeneral 1 week ago:
Big thanks to everyone playing this weekend! And to all the support and sponsorship :) much love x @smoothmyballs… https://t.co/j7ssTsru8r

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