Genre:Drum & Bass
    Location:Auckland, 00, New Zealand
1806 official

New Zealand



concord dawn is an acclaimed DJ from New Zealand

concord dawn is performing within the field of Drum & Bass music and is ranked 1806 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Concord Dawn 3 weeks ago:
who remembers when a tune had to be big before you did a VIP of it ???
Concord Dawn 3 weeks ago:
@MARTYN3024 @Craggz_Battery @arpxp @HLZ_EMILIO @Random_Movement @JimHeist @GLXY_OFFICIAL @Kid_Drama great tune bro!…
Concord Dawn 4 weeks ago:
RT @AndrewYang: Democrats fighting each other might make for good TV, but it's a distraction from the real issues. We need to solve the pro…
Concord Dawn 2 months ago:
once or twice a month i remember twitter exists. shit there is some hate out here lol wow
Concord Dawn 2 months ago:
@RichieHardcore .....want to open up....a pig?
Concord Dawn 2 months ago:
@mayhemSLR turn the kick and snare up and release it tbh
Concord Dawn 3 months ago:
@ryanhowaya @1NewsNZ haha missed that, cute!
Concord Dawn 3 months ago:
@chipmatthews @RichieHardcore ...and Trump will win again in 2020 if non "progressive" liberals/moderate/centrist,…
Concord Dawn 3 months ago:
@chipmatthews @RichieHardcore the other things is shaming people for their beliefs messes with get lo…
Concord Dawn 5 months ago:
@StateofMindNZ but enough of the facebook chat, tell is more about the wigs...intrigued
Concord Dawn 5 months ago:
Can’t wait to play you guys all the new tunes Evan and I have been making- including some gnarly trap and dubstep
Concord Dawn 6 months ago:
off to Whanganui this weekend for whats going to be a right old knees up!
Concord Dawn 7 months ago:
down to Oxford in North Canterbury on Saturday for what looks likely to be an extremely pleasant celebration of dru…
Concord Dawn 8 months ago:
Filling in for Virtual Riot tonight on a stacked lineup at the Bay Dreams Nelson pre-party from 1-2pm!! Will drop…
Concord Dawn 8 months ago:
Spending the weekend in my new studio finishing up a new tune with Evan Kiljoy. Its a great feeling to be working o…
Concord Dawn 9 months ago:
My brother for life Mr Evan Kiljoy is back making beats - check out his interview about his new 🔥s and see...
Concord Dawn 10 months ago:
@illskillzdj haha. hope you are good buddy!
Concord Dawn 11 months ago:
Sick mix of Aussie and NZ Dnb here by Rene LaVice: Missed a couple I woulda played but yo…
Concord Dawn 1 year ago:
catching the train down to Ohakune again this weekend, always a pleasure and my hosts at Powderkeg have been nomin…
Concord Dawn 1 year ago:
been a hectic winter for shows. Down to CHCH Friday @ Foundry, before heading down to Tauranga and Waihi 3rd+4th o…

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