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    Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
    Date of birth:1987-10-20
21 official dj-rankings.com




borgore is considered one of the best DJ brands in the world

borgore is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 21 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

borgore is 31 years old, and his zodiac is Libra.

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Borgore 1 day ago:
Everyone wearing chains and watches think how tight it would be to pull up with a crown
Borgore 2 days ago:
You know I keep that mf thang on me https://t.co/frdoKoajaF
Borgore 2 days ago:
FOREVER IN MY DEBT LYRICS EXPLAINED. these lyrics mean a lot to me https://t.co/A4sqB86KLY
Borgore 3 days ago:
Don’t sleep on my album (ur allowed to sleep on my shoulder tho) https://t.co/IpIYGmqObU
Borgore 4 days ago:
Starting the day off right https://t.co/ulURL53nkm
Borgore 6 days ago:
Me: costco: here’s four gallons of mayonnaise. good luck with that
Borgore 1 week ago:
3 weeks until Halloween: I’m gonna come up with an awesome costume 2 weeks until Halloween: Ok nothing yet but sti… https://t.co/fwQFT1IDak
Borgore 1 week ago:
I’m LIVE now on @Beats1 with @travismills 🔥 https://t.co/v7Ntq4wIEA
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Ty @DJmag for supporting THE ART OF GORE 🙏🏻 https://t.co/ooTuI8Rb2s
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
My reddit ama is happening in just two hours! leave me questions: https://t.co/QLVVtq7Oap https://t.co/p5YERCXqni
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Yo just dropped my @diplo and friends mix on soundcloud. Check it 🔥 https://t.co/Gf4uxxpGs0 https://t.co/sXqH8PS2aO
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
No matter how good I get at smash and unbeatable I think I am my friends still kick my ass
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
RT @baileepear1: So fuuuccking excited to see @Borgore !!! https://t.co/vfNvJAdbhV
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
RT @red_hot_high: Ive been waiting for you sugar daddy 🤤🎂 @Borgore I’m so fucking ready to shake my ass and break things tomorrow night 🤟🏼✨…
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
RT @mybillys: I just want you all to know @Borgore really fucking did something here. https://t.co/ZW80qtrnVw
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
RT @Viraj184: @Borgore album is one the best bass albums this year
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Gonna be on @reddit next monday talking about how cool my dog is https://t.co/oOd5tAH8w4
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Sorry babe the bucket hat stays ON during sex https://t.co/SiyVXg3C8P
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
@Kaiodi_Dub You should it’s pretty tight

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