Location:Tel Aviv, Israel
    Date of birth:1987-10-20
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borgore is recognized with a solid position in the DJ community

borgore is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 19 on the official DJ rankings list (

borgore is 31 years old, and his zodiac is Libra.

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Borgore 11 hours ago:
@heybitethis @PixelTerrorBass @joshrubinmusic @Jauzofficial Damn
Borgore 1 day ago:
RT @BendaMusic: Stoked to be playing at @ExchangeLA with my guy @Borgore! See ya on March 1st 🔥
Borgore 1 day ago:
Wow @BlaqoutDubstep killed it!! 🔥 Run this up
Borgore 1 day ago:
@DevonCallaway A new challenger approaches
Borgore 2 days ago:
Choose your fighter
Borgore 2 days ago:
RT @BurgerKing: @Borgore are we
Borgore 2 days ago:
@BurgerKing come over...
Borgore 2 days ago:
Is burger king promoting my tour ??
Borgore 3 days ago:
Stoked to bring @wearewavedash to my show next weekend at Exchange LA 🤘🤘 let's run it! tickets:…
Borgore 5 days ago:
Whats one picture u have in ur phone that u cant explain? here’s mine
Borgore 1 week ago:
Everyone is posting pictures with their girlfriends, but do they have the codes to ur phones? 🤔
Borgore 1 week ago:
@JaimePTeixeira Ur def on the right track
Borgore 1 week ago:
There should be an app like uber but instead of driving you somewhere they just come and hit you with their car
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
@Buygore @casey_beats fire 🤘🏼
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
RT @Buygore: 'Kicksplit!' taken from the brand new Jon Casey EP 'On The Storm' Listen: cc: @casey_beats #buygore h…
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Anyone else ever just feel like this raccoon sometimes
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Bump the new Night Owl Radio for my guest mix!! 🔥 🔥
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Come see me on tour, I heard barack is gonna be there
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
Fellas, this is NOT good
Borgore 2 weeks ago:
@Monstercat @PixelTerrorBass Fire

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