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bobina is a well known DJ with a loyal fan base

bobina is performing within the field of Trance music and is ranked 444 on the official DJ rankings list (

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Bobina 10 hours ago:
Los Angeles 😺 ✈️ Shanghai 👌
Bobina 3 days ago:
2059. 40 years later 🤣 // Через 40 лет, ага 🤓 #thebestof #djmagtop100 #bobina #trancefamily #лучшиепесни @ Adler Mi…
Bobina 1 week ago:
It’s family n love day in Russia ❤️❤️❤️ Be happy with your loved ones ❤️ // Сегодня классный день: день семьи, любв…
Bobina 3 weeks ago:
#tbt 6 years ago with our Russian legend ❤️. We still proud of you man! 🏒// Четверг и время старой фотки, ага 🤓 Гор…
Bobina 3 weeks ago:
Traffic Jam
Bobina 1 month ago:
Catching sun ☀️❤️ // Была тяжелая рабочая неделя. Всем приятных выходных ❤️ Нога в кадр не влезла 🧐 @ Moscow, Russia
Bobina 1 month ago:
#tbt Amsterdam 2016! On the way to coffeeshop probably 🤣 // Ребята в Амстердаме 🤣 какие же разные эмоции вызывает э…
Bobina 2 months ago:
When you wake up and there is no electricity & no water in your apartment, you start to love simple things 🤣 // Вот…
Bobina 2 months ago:
Hello! ❤️ new v-log for you from Bangkok, Pattaya and 3 China cities 👣 // Привет! Подоспел новый влог. Бангкок, Пат…
Bobina 2 months ago:
RT @BlackHoleRec: "You don’t have to change your mind, just close your eyes" 🎵Let yourself be taken away by the latest @Bobina 🤩 https://t.…
Bobina 2 months ago:
RT @TranceAttack: #NowPlaying... @Bobina - Close Your Eyes! #TranceFamily #TranceAttack #WeLoveTrance
Bobina 2 months ago:
Weekend ❤️🌞🤷🏻‍♂️ Хотел рассказать смешную историю, но ничего в голову не лезет 🤣 Хотел выложить карусель и спросить…
Bobina 2 months ago:
Check out my May @beatport 'Close Your Eyes' chart incl. my new song! Enjoy :)
Bobina 2 months ago:
RT @BlackHoleRec: Oh boy, we waited so long for another @Bobina and it is finally here. 'Close Your Eyes' stays loyal to the signature Magi…
Bobina 2 months ago:
Had an amazing feeling to open some of my 2004-2008 projects. Even installed Windows for that 🤣 Re-mixed and remast…
Bobina 2 months ago:
The 1st #Bobina album “Catchy!” Is 15 years old now! 🤷🏻‍♂️ I cant believe - thank you, music & my fans, for my amaz…
Bobina 2 months ago:
Just checked movies announcements for summer 2019. Aladdin, Men in Black, Lion King, Toy Story, Spider-Man 🤣 Are we…
Bobina 2 months ago:
Damn I can watch that corner forever 🤣
Bobina 2 months ago:
😬 How many pictures are in your phone at the moment? 💦 // Вопрос. Какое количество фоток у вас в телефоне прямо сей…
Bobina 2 months ago:
RT @BlackHoleRec: Better late than never, right @bobina, @MissCNovelli? 👻 The I’ve Been Lost Before render was so long! 🕗 Full video here:…

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