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12th planet is performing within the field of Dubstep music and is ranked 659 on the official DJ rankings list (www.djrankings.org).

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🕯12th Planet🕯 42 minutes ago:
Exhibit C might be the realest hip hop song of all time
🕯12th Planet🕯 5 hours ago:
@killthenoise amen 🙏
🕯12th Planet🕯 5 hours ago:
@Papiwook that might have been the most epic shot i have seen in 5 years
🕯12th Planet🕯 7 hours ago:
🕯12th Planet🕯 12 hours ago:
Plus even more gems from @JarvisMusic @AxelBoyMusic @drippyunlimited @PointBlank_dub @SoltanOfficial @PredaKore… https://t.co/GIa89SNzY7
🕯12th Planet🕯 12 hours ago:
Just uploaded episode 16 of #SwamplexRadio to Soundcloud. This week's episode got some bangerz from @PhaseOneAU… https://t.co/hFhh1f6QFE
🕯12th Planet🕯 16 hours ago:
@BailoBeatz LMAO 😂
🕯12th Planet🕯 17 hours ago:
HARD FRIGGIN SUMMER https://t.co/Q1C0LE1tVi https://t.co/C1E7u5iBx8
🕯12th Planet🕯 2 days ago:
VIRUS SYNDICATE goin in on this one. 4.29 on @DiscipleRT https://t.co/0azTpeadZe
🕯12th Planet🕯 4 days ago:
@shlumpbass @SCLboyQ @Infekt LOL i am down with buckethead
🕯12th Planet🕯 4 days ago:
Atlanta! Tonight is the night yo. Come pull up on me @shlumpbass and @infektdubstep at the @BuckheadTheatre for 4… https://t.co/ep9UT6Tc3x
🕯12th Planet🕯 5 days ago:
@svddendeathdub Facts
🕯12th Planet🕯 5 days ago:
Atlanta! Tomorrow 420, I am getting the 2019 Swamplex tour gang back together for one last time at @BuckheadTheatre… https://t.co/FcHeLaopMF
🕯12th Planet🕯 5 days ago:
@subtune4 I got them and downloaded, will get both of those on the next radio show.
🕯12th Planet🕯 5 days ago:
@SMFTampa aaawe hell yeah
🕯12th Planet🕯 5 days ago:
@Gus_Rosebush bro it was good running into you homie
🕯12th Planet🕯 1 week ago:
NEW @LOST_DUBS on @DiscipleRT this week!! https://t.co/gVYsSA3FH7
🕯12th Planet🕯 2 weeks ago:
however i am aad that i missed los tucanes de tijuana playing today. That was probably huuuuuge
🕯12th Planet🕯 2 weeks ago:
no coachella for me this weekend or next, and I am totally not mad about it.
🕯12th Planet🕯 2 weeks ago:
im gonna miss this NYC place

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