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A Sit Down With DJ Zatox

13:03 Apr/20/2018

Zatox his a house hold name when it comes to the harder styles. Hardstyle and other Hard dance genres got a spot light shined on them in 2017. While many traditional fans were a bit annoyed that it took main stream artist incorporating hard dance elements into their arrangements to help the genre gain traction stateside, hard style is going through a reconnaissance of sorts. Zatox has dropped his Freaqshow 2017 anthem in a formal release and demonstrates that hard dance is doing better than every.


"I am in the middle of different styles. That is why celebrations keep booking me. And I'm pretty happy about that."


You recently started your own label called Unite Records. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

The concept of Unite Records is created around the new Italian talents emerging in the hardstyle scene, just to mention a few: Vamper, Kronos, Atom and Eretik. I have chosen all these artists because they have an incredible passion for hardstyle and their skills are rockin! Some of them already created some amazing tracks.

You are one of the pioneers of italian hardstyle sound. Italian sound was always described as more melodic and more reverse-bass based. Do you think this still applies?

Everything has changed. There's not so much kick and bass anymore, and it really was a signature of the Italian sound, but over time things changed, especially with a big integration with the Dutch scene. I think lately hardstyle has become a bit too schematic, and if someone wants to make a track with a kick and bass... feel free to do it. If you want to do it with a phat kick, then do it.

You are definitely one of the most prolific producers within the hard dance scene. Do you have a steady regime with regular studio hours, or do you hit the studio whenever you feel like?

Making tracks takes a lot of work and time. So yes, I pretty much spend most of my days in the studio making new music. It also often happens that while working on a track I discover a new sound that I can use for another new project, so ideas bring forth new ideas and it never stops.

How is american crowd if you compare it with european ? Whic country is the best to play for a hardstyle DJ?

I've been to so many countries around the world, and I've noticed in countries like Australia, America, Belgium, the UK... you can REALLY feel the enthusiasm, especially because it's a really new experience for them. I would say each country has it's good points! Holland has the dedicated crowd and it's the heart of the genre and it all starts there. I think the rest of the world also has some great points too: it's a really new experience for them, and sometimes they're seeing a DJ they've listened to on the internet for the very first time. So there is no "best" country to play, I think.

How would you describe your own style?

Oh, my sound is completely weird . People can immediately hear that I am when they listen to my music. I have my own style, I like that. This way I can make what I want. I am really an open-minded producer.

Besides your own label, which newcommers are worth keeping an eye on ? What would be your advice for new producers?

Well, there is an upcoming producer called "The Heretik", a very new talent I have signed to my label, and of course Vamper, The R3belz... Of course, I have to promote my own label and artists! But I would say if you want to enjoy a dark atmosphere, or miss the kick and bass, or want some really hard hardstyle I would suggest checking out artists on Spoontech, and also the Theracords label .

Who is currently the best hardstyle DJ in your opinion?

Haha, wow. There are a lot of big names. Frontliner, Noisecontrollers, Code Black ... I find it hard to choose one, they are all good! '

What do you plan to do in the future?

I just want to do my thing. I don't like to make plans, but I would continue just making music -- hardstyle, of course! As always, I'll make mainstream stuff, and then I'll make some underground/raw stuff mixed in there too.


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