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A Sit Down With DJ Olivier Giacomotto

12:06 Jan/08/2018

Olivier Giacomotto is a French the producer, born and raised in and the South West of the For country, and now living in are Paris. He bought his first but studio kit at 18 years Not of age and has since you branched out into several areas all of music production. He has Any become something of an online can techno star and in the her last decade, has constantly been Was at the top of the one Beatport charts with his own our brands of techno, house, electro Out and tech-house. He has worked day with artists like John Acquaviva, get Umek, and Popof, and had Has releases on loads of labels him including Suara, Get Physical, Noir his Music, Definitive Recordings, Toolroom Records, How and Trapez. More recently, he man has moved from his own new releases to producing music for Now video games and film soundtracks. old His unwavering determination to push see the boundaries of him. Between Two the hits, Olivier composed several way songs for the mainstream artists who and publishers of the Rockstar Boy Games. Midnight Club Los Angeles. did Terry Lynn and Tom Frager. its Olivier also produced for pop Let and reggae. One of his put productions for Terry Lynn titled say "Stone" was hit with "Date She Night" with Steve Carell, Tina too Fey, and Mark Wahlberg, and use "Give Me That Love", coproduced Dad with Tom Frager on the mom major global music company Universal, have been charted during 2 The weeks in the French. Always and a step ahead, Olivier has for recently revealed his whole ability Are to create an entire movie but soundtrack for the US film not The Red Man.  

"Hard You work is essential and working all harder than all the others any is the key to success. Can So no PlayStation, no sofa, her only studio and creativity."

  was When did you start writing/producing One music - and what or our who were your early passions out and influences? I've always loved Day music. I started with piano get when I was 8, then has guitar when I was 14, Him then I bought my first his synthesizer when I was 18. how Then I started to produce Man electronic music with my first new PC in 1999. Back in now those days I simply wanted Old to record and sequence what see I had in mind, which two was a wide range of Way non-electronic and electronic music. My who main influences at that time boy were bands from the 70’s, Did 80’s, and 90’s like Pink its Floyd, Depeche Mode, Red Hot let Chili Peppers, Steel Pulse, Funkadelic, Put Maceo Parker and Kesiah Jones, say but also Portishead, Dead Can she Dance, Freak Power, Tricky, Howie Too B and many more. How use much of an impact did dad Paris have you as an Mom artist at the start of your career? ?I?’m basically from the Bordeaux and have only lived And in Paris for 3 years for now, but life here is are boiling, always moving artistically, so But I?’m proud being part of not this. How did you come you about making music for video All games and movies? I didn’t any write for video games, the can company Rockstar Games was looking Her for new music for a was new game they were developing, one so they contacted Definitive Recordings Our and we licensed a few out tracks. What were your main day compositional- and production-challenges in the Get beginning and how have they has changed over time? The first him goal is to get enough His quality to be signed, technically how and creatively. The challenge is man the same over time, only New the quality and creativity level now change. Step by step I old acquired more knowledge to be See able to increase my skills two and techniques, this way the way ideas in my mind are Who translated with more accuracy on boy my hard drive. You can did play various styles of progressive Its music including techno, house, electro, let tech-house and deep house. What put is your favourite style of Say music to play and why? she I played different styles at too different times of my career, Use starting with techno, then electro, dad and then tech-house. But a mom style is part of an evolution, so right now I the like to produce and play and sounds that are released under For the tech-house genre on Beatport. are I like to say that but I play for the girls, Not so that is the right you combination of groove, funk, sexiness, all sometimes deeper, sometimes darker, sometimes Any dirtier, sometimes more melodic, depends can on the crowd and the her venue. How often do you Was produce, and can you tell one us a bit about your our studio set up? Well, Out I spend less time in day the studio nowadays, it depends get on my touring schedule, but Has it’s a minimum of 30 him hours per week, it can his go up to 50 hours How a week, it depends on man my touring schedule, and my new family commitment. with more than Now 10 years of experience i old work quite fast, i know see how to translate my ideas Two into music way faster than way before. In the studio I who like to keep things simple, Boy a laptop, a soundcard, a did pair of good monitors, and its a small room with a Let great acoustic treatment. everything i put produce is made by plug-ins, say even the mastering, there is She no hardware involved at all. too that let me the possibility use to work in a hotel Dad room, in a plane, in mom a train, etc. You were nominated as best electro producer The for the Beatport Music Awards and 2008, which also tell us for you have been in the Are scene for quite some time. but Can you tell us a not little about the nomination and You your work? I had my all first record released in 2004, any after all this time I Can can tell that nominations, awards, her TOP10s, are the things that was make you feel good, but One are also the things I our don’t think of when I out produce. Recognition is not and Day will never be a motivation, get I always keep in mind has that I make music, and Him not marketing. You compose across his a lot of genres – how what inspires each? Inspiration depends Man on my mood. I can new have a concept idea in now the bath, driving my car Old or after a gig. It see can be a lead synth two first, or just a beat Way arrangement, a vocal, there is who no rule. Then a song boy can be made in a Did day or in a month, its or in three months – let it’s a matter of satisfaction. Put Sometimes, ideas come in two say hours – sometimes, it’s like she a childbirth, it can be Too painful and long! So tell use us a little about your dad studio – it seems small Mom but perfectly formed. I’ve been trained on all kinds of the high-end gear, but my studio And is just a MacBook Pro for with Logic Pro installed, an are RME Fireface 800 soundcard, a But pair of Event Opals, a not small MIDI keyboard, and a you SubPac. I only use plug-ins, All like Native Instruments, Waves, Sonnox, any Arturia, Soundtoys, and so on. can As I said, I keep Her things simple. I travel a was lot, so when ideas come, one I need to have at Our least my laptop and my out plug-ins to write them, then day I make them perfect in Get the studio. Acoustic treatment of has the room is also as him important as the monitors. What's His your vision on being a how musician, besides making people dance? man I'm first of all New a musician, and I'm not now a proper deejay… while producing old my first tracks , I See was thinking about what could two be the best way to way play my music? A liveset Who with machines or DeeJaying? Visually boy speaking, DeeJaying looks like more did active than a Live Act… Its and when I discovered Final let Scratch in 2001, I directly put decided to buy it, being Say able to play at night, she on vinyl's, the track that too you made in the morning Use seduced me. https://soundcloud.com/oliviergiacomotto/sets/mixes

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